Tucker Outlines Obamagate

Another issue to divide us: should Obama be held responsible for his illegal actions against an incoming and current President? The answer is found in the very basis of our Republic as succinctly stated by Benjamin Franklin:

Democracy or Republic? — 'A Republic, IF you can keep it'

John Adams explains how we can keep it:

Quotes about Constitutional Monarchy (20 quotes)

A moral and religious people understand the difference between justice and revenge. Obamagate suggests one instance of illegal action by Obama and his administration. But that is not the case: Fast and Furious, the weaponization of the IRS against groups and citizens, illegal servers, bribes from Russia and China, money laundering in Ukraine, illegal wars and an expansion of the Deep State which persists today with illegal surveillance.

If we were a moral and religious people, we would not have to have this discussion because the politicians would not have been able to commit so many crimes without any indictments. Maybe the question should be whether we want to be a moral and religious people who deserve a Republic? If the answer is yes, then the answer is also yes as to the next step necessary to start restoring Liberty, the Constitution and the Republic.

David DeGerolamo

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