Twitter Nukes Alleged Hunter Biden Sex Tape

A Chinese digital media company has published footage showing a man who looks identical to Hunter Biden engaging in a sex fetish act with an unidentifiable woman (along with a photo purporting to show what appears to be the same man engaging in sex with a Ukrainian prostitute). But instead of allowing discussion and links to the video to circulate, Twitter has scrubbed all links and photos related to the video and story, and is suspending accounts that appear to be trying to spread the video or screenshots from the footage.

Some background: Late Saturday afternoon, a mysterious link surfaced on Reddit purporting to be the vaunted Hunter Biden sex tape – or at least, one of the Hunter Biden sex tapes (whispers about more footage have so far gone unsubstantiated). 

In it, a naked Hunter Biden can be seen, smoking crack, and laying with an unidentified woman, possibly a prostitute. The woman’s face is blurred out, making it impossible to tell whether or not she appeared to be underage.



I have questions regarding this disgusting video of Hunter Biden:

  1. How did they receive this video?
  2. I thought the Deep State said this was a Russian conspiracy. Or is it a Chinese conspiracy? Or an anti-CCP conspiracy?
  3. If Hunter goes to jail, does his $50 million in stock in one Chinese company get confiscated?
  4. Where is Hunter?
  5. Will Cocaine Hunter become part of our vernacular like Lewinsky?

Tongue in cheek questions but the Biden Crime Family has made a mockery of this election. This is so bad that it can not even be considered a resume enhancement under the guidelines of the Democrat party.

David DeGerolamo

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Bill Oliver
6 months ago

GTV ( part of GTV Media, which is in turn associated with the “New Federal State of China” which is apparently a Chinese group that bills itself as the anti-Communist Chinese government in exile. It was started by Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui. Guo Wengui is a Chinese billionaire who fled China in 2014. This is the group releasing the videos. I suspect the distance from Guiliani to Bannon is short. I don’t know how smart this is on their part, but I suspect that by releasing these clearly identifiable videos, they are trying to make it impossible for people to continue to deny that this is real material.

Timothy E Tucker
Timothy E Tucker
6 months ago

I see this release as just more of the circus act, directed by the Hillary group. How will we ever know the truth as long as the major perps are still enjoying their freedom? I will be attending to my preps and thinking of defensive actions instead of this train wreck.