Ukraine Helicopter With 14 Troops On Board Is Shot Down

Events in Ukraine may have been moved to the backburner because not only are they not impacting US equities but have somehow managed to push Russian stocks to pre-sanction highs, but that does not mean that there is any de-escalation in the self-proclaimed eastern regions of Donetsk and Slavyansk where fighting between pro-Russian groups and Kiev army rages on. The latest incident took place a little over an hour ago when Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine shot down a military helicopter near Sloviansk, killing 14 people, the country’s outgoing president says.

This attack took place following a weekend of heavy fighting in Donetsk following a push against “terrorists” by the new president that left many rebel soldiers dead.

The helicopter was hit during heavy fighting between Sloviansk and Kramatorsk on Thursday after it had dropped off troops at a military base, reports said.



Although this civil war is not being reported by our media, it will impact our future. There is no need to speculate on what may happen, but I encourage everyone to be aware of the consequences of a war with Russia aligned with China.

David DeGerolamo

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