UNC to reduce in-state students to increase number of foreign students

Immigration Reformers and Concerned Citizens,

The University of North Carolina system is considering a reduction in the number of in-state students in order to allow more foreign students.

See Take Action below….

The same industry trade groups and large corporations that want unchecked illegal immigration are the same ones behind the scenes pushing for more foreign students.  To these groups the USA is nothing more than a global marketing zone to become part of “One World”.

I think most of us are fine with foreign exchange programs in which we send one of our students abroad and they send us one.   Today we are receiving three foreign students for every one we send abroad.  Nationwide out of the more than 750,000 foreign students in our universities, over 125,000 are Chinese students, significantly more than we send to China at a time in which the Chinese government is attempting to steal military info and technology from the USA.

Are we paying state taxes used by the UNC system for OUR children to become better educated or foreign students?  Are you willing to sacrifice your child getting an education to open up additional seats for foreign students?

The point being we have very smart young people as citizens already in the USA who want to make their life better by going to college to benefit themselves and their Country, not to mention large numbers of high tech graduates currently unable to find work.

UNC is in part suggesting they have space for more foreign students, but I simply don’t trust the leadership.  Once more foreign students are allowed, those numbers will never be reduced and you will hear soon after how we have to provide more tax dollars for construction to expand.  Any expansion should be to the benefit of citizens and their children.


Contact the UNC Board and President Tom Ross and simply tell them, “we need to save enrollment in the UNC System for in-state students who are citizens, not more foreign students”.

Go to the weblink just below and once there under “department”  choose Chief of Staff.   Again, simply address in the email the above sentence to President Tom Ross and the Board of Governors.  Be polite.


Send this email to your friends and associates.   Thanks.


Ron Woodard




(919) 460-8156

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8 years ago

“Screw the locals, we’re gonna replace them soon, anyway!”