Uncovering the Truth of Benghazi Scandal with Trey Gowdy

h/t 90 miles from tyranny

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Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander
7 years ago

Congressmen and Speaker, is it not time for impeachment proceedings against the president for lying, covering up his failure/refusal to save our citizens/diplomats. Thank you Speaker Boehner for taking this action. There must be accountability, justice and serious consequences for the failure to defend our citizens and criminal activity of the president and his administration in Benghazi.
President Nixon was hounded for the rest of his life for Watergate break in and coverup and his administration’s reputation and threat of impeachment if he did not resign.

President Obama, it’s time for you to go. Resign or America must insist that the Congress start impeachment proceedings. God bless America and long live the Republic. Peace, Peter ~