United States of… Yugoslavia? Cartoon hints at next chapter of American civil war

A recent editorial cartoon comparing the US to the former Yugoslavia isn’t a warning to avoid the path to balkanization and sectarian warfare, so much as a hint in which direction the already ongoing civil war might be escalating.

The chilling image appeared in the Washington Post on Sunday, showing the ethnically partitioned map of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and neighboring Serbia and Croatia – with the name “Yugoslavia” superimposed over the silhouette of the lower 48 states. 

WaPo’s grayscale rendering doesn’t do justice to the original image, showing the divisions in vivid color. It turns out to have been published on July 10, authored by the political cartoonist Ratt for the leftist blog Crooks and Liars.

“The whole is less than the sum of its parts,” said the sub-headline on the original post. Hashtags used in the tweet were “partisanship” and “balkanization.” 

At first I was confused. Have the Democrats at WaPo and Crooks and Liars finally come around to the realization that their policies are leading the US down the path of open, kinetic civil warfare? Have they heeded warnings from people like me, over the years, against just such a thing?

There are, after all, similarities between the present-day US and Yugoslavia circa 1990: iInflation and national debt spiraling out of control, belief in diversity as strength (“brotherhood and unity,” we called it in Yugoslavia) and insuring the equality of outcomes by treating groups differently (known as “equity” in the US), to name a few. Yugoslavia was held together by its political system, and once the people in power trampled it in the name of expediency, things went south, and fast.

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Joe Blow
Joe Blow
2 months ago

Good article. Thanks for sharing.
Everyone should read, and heed. I feel that the author may be biased, being a Serb, but if he recognizes the persecution Traditional Americans are currently facing, thats not a good thing.
That being said, this ain’t Yugoslavia and Trad Americans ain’t Serbs. I can guarantee you, residents of the State of Tennessee alone have more Garands, ARs, and 50-cal rifles than all of the former slavic republics put together.

Times 3.

The “Bosnians” in this case need safe spaces and question the gender of plastic toys. Their sailors run ships aground and crash into tanker ships the size of football stadiums in the open ocean.

History rhymes, it doesn’t repeat.

2 months ago
Reply to  Joe Blow

How can we all set up a gathering to chat? I know this is probably not best place to seek that answer, but i am just DONE with worrying about any list or whatnot…We have a Country to save, LITERALLY!
As mcuh as i love you alls comments, we must get active!

Joe Blow
Joe Blow
2 months ago
Reply to  FedUpFLman

Meatspace…. and even then, 50% of the people you meet will be fbi or informants. Was 65% in the Michigan kidnapping plot.
Thats what is meant by local, local, local. You worry about your AO. You already know who your friends and neighbors are, and who had BL placards in their yards last year.
When the firing commences, with a lack of specific and trusted comms, find something communist and destroy it. Go watch Fight Club, you’ll get some ideas from project mayhem. Dress in Antifa garb and have yourselves a riot at the local DNC bldg. Theres plenty of ways to make yourself feel useful.

2 months ago
Reply to  FedUpFLman

I don’t agree with Max re the Jews. I’m 81 and Max is a GOOD well informed man, BUT he reminds me of the PEACENIKS of the 60’s who believed that only LOVE would solve our problems.They never considered that PSYCHOPATHS, cannot love, and NOW look where we are.The PSYCHOPATHS have almost taken over.
The people we are dealing with are without feelings and care not about ANYTHING you say OR do……EXCEPT, for VIOLENCE.The only action which will stop them is VIOLENCE, the ugliest violence one can perpetrate on them., or the determined IN-THEIR- FACES, THREATS of VIOLENCE until they FEAR us.
If we take out the TOP JEW, ROTHSCHILD family, word will be passed down that WE CAN GET to them and they will then stop doing what they are doing, for FEAR the next in line will be taken out by us.Why do I am emphasize ROTHSCHILD? That family owns the complete Banking/Money system, and because of the resulting Government debts to them they also now own our property.. Our LIVES are next,as they do NOT want to support us, as will be evidence that there soon will be NO JOBS to allow us to support ourselves.
I am not saying it will be easy. I AM SAYING it must be done or WE are done.
I have been saying that since 2009, and fortunately I am starting to see the RIGHT kind of People,hinting at it.They need to be pushed more……………….
They better hurry as time is running out for us.
You are a good person, Max but you are dreaming when it comes to a solution,in this situation.All through history there has come a time when Violence was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, AT LEAST for the Victims, and this is one of those times.
I put my 81 years of knowledge and experience over yours

2 months ago

My apology for that comment ,which was supposed to be on MAX IGAN’S Video.
My excuse -- I was in a hurry to go running, because I was behind schedule


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