Urgent Blast Alert against North Carolina H390 (COSP)

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From Publius Huldah,

Please  send letters.  Don’t let “somebody else do it”.  We will lose our Country if Americans aren’t willing to step up to the plate and hit the balls the convention lobby is throwing at us.  It is the GLOBALISTS who are funding the push for an Article V convention.  They want a new Constitution which moves us into the North American Union.  When you are being sold out and betrayed by false friends and fools – and you are – the least you can do is fight back!  It takes a few minutes to draft a short email showing your opposition to H 390.  You can copy and paste the legislators’ addresses in the blocks provided in your bcc line.  You can get all your letters out in just a few minutes!  

H390 (COSP) is the application for Article V convention (A5C) we oppose in North Carolina. Having passed committee, H390 can be sent to the House floor at any time, with only 15 minutes notice!

The Legislature just returned from a week-long break. And the Convention of States Project (COSP) is out in force to get H390 passed in the House before the May 9th crossover deadline. That they haven’t brought it to the House floor yet is a sign they’re still twisting arms for votes.

The will of the Republican caucus will determine the fate of H390. Enough Republicans voted with the Democrats to kill the same measure in 2018. But we can’t be complacent! We’ve seen Republicans bow to pressure more than once.

HERE and attached is our State flyer which explains the dangers of an A5C.   FLY

Legislators have been told by COSP that they will control convention Delegates and set the convention rules. But this isn’t true!

Article V provides that when 2/3 of the state legislatures apply for it, Congress callsa convention. At that point, it will be out of the State Legislators’ hands. This CHART shows WHOhas the power to do WHAT under Article V.

THIS FLYER  shows why States can’t control the Delegates or prevent them from writing a new Constitution.

Let’s remind North Carolina Republicans that this issue is controversial and splitting the party. If you’re a conservative or Republican, tell them so!

First, please write and call Speaker Tim Moore and ask him to keep H390 in committee, rather than bring it to the House floor:

Dear Speaker Moore: Tim.Moore@ncleg.net, PHONE: (919) 733-3451

Next, please write the remaining 64 North Carolina House Republicans and ask them to Vote “No!” on H390Then scroll for the Democrats.

House Republicans (65) – Dear Representative:



The Democrats are probably with us; and it can’t hurt to remind them to vote “No!” on H390, since any vote will be close.

Democrats might be interested in THIS ARTICLE which explains the Koch and ALEC connections to COSP and the push for a constitutional convention.

Please write all 55 North Carolina House Democrats and remind them to vote “No!” on H390:

House Democrats (55) – Dear Representative:



Thank you for defending our Constitution!

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Publius Huldah
Publius Huldah
2 years ago

Thank you, David!

Alfred Barnes
Alfred Barnes
2 years ago

Just called and e-mailed. My understanding of the issue is that a Constitutional Convention can be called to specifically address a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and nothing else. Of course, the danger is what will come of it. Ross Perot was instrumental in the 1970’s attempting the same thing.

At least we have a POTUS in office with a back bone! He’ll be remembered as either the second George Washington or second Benedict Arnold, depending on whether he holds his ground. It’s our duty to provide support.

Publius Huldah
Publius Huldah
2 years ago
Reply to  Alfred Barnes

Your understanding is wrong -- dead wrong. Permit me to lay out the Facts for You:



which is why Madison, Hamilton, 4 US supreme Court Justices, and others warned AGAINST an Art. V convention: https://publiushuldah.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/brilliant-men-versus-mark-meckler.pdf

But people with a hidden agenda are PROMOTING the view you hold in order to enable them to accomplish their own hidden agenda -- a coup against us…