USCP Fast Facts

  1. The United States Capitol Police (USCP) dates the Department’s founding to 1828, the year police regulations in Washington, D.C., were expanded to include the Capitol and its grounds. This empowered the four Capitol watchmen with full law enforcement authority.
  2. In fall 1974, the USCP hired four female officers, including Arva “Marie” Johnson, the first African American woman to wear the USCP uniform. 
  3. Today, the USCP is comprised of more than 2,300 officers and civilian employees, and has an annual budget of approximately $460 million.
  4. The USCP is responsible for protecting Congress and the public, and maintaining order while protecting the U.S. Capitol – the seat of our nation’s government.
  5. The USCP is a CALEA-accredited law enforcement agency that has been recognized for demonstrating an “enhanced delivery of public safety services through the effective use and compliance to the standards representing the best practices within the law enforcement industry.”
  6. Four USCP law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty: Sergeant Christopher S. EneyOfficer Jacob J. ChestnutDetective John M. Gibson, and Sergeant Clinton J. Holtz. These officers made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and protection of our nation and its people. Their names are forever inscribed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial located in Washington, D.C.



Two points:

  1. That is more than $1 million for each senator and representative each year.
  2. Office Sicknick is not included in the number of USCP law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty.

Congress was notified of the possibility of incursions on January 6th, Donald Trump offered to provide National Guard for more security which was declined and it appears that Antifa had maps of the Capitol provided to them by inside sources prior to January 6th.

It seems that these officers were set up by the Congressmen these were supposed to protect. When is the National Guard leaving Washington, D.C.?

David DeGerolamo

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3 days ago

I think they are not leaving at all, at least not while these dictator’s are in WH.
I would say they are def there to stay for next few year’s.

BTW- Is there a different way to search for comments and replies to my comments, besides going back through Each email one by one? Just wondering why I am not getting “reply alert” when I tap the bell to receive them. I have seen when I look back there are replies, but have to go back and look at each. Thanks!

3 days ago

It seems reasonable to presume that the staged “Capitol Invasion” was planned as the Premise to have Troops Occupying D.C.
How Long will they be there? Probably until the legislation and Contracts are in place for some kind of “Praetorian Guard”, i.e. Military, but not a part of the Pentagram chain of command. Mercenary Slime, no doubt with (((foreign))) Officers.

That, or until the dumb-ass grunts get tired of sleeping in the Parking Garage, an go home.