Van Jones Continues His Attack on NC Rep. Virginia Foxx

Rebuild the Dream

From Van Jones’ Rebuild the Dream:
Over 65,000 of you agree.
It’s outrageous when the Chair of the House Subcommittee on Higher Education declares that she has little tolerance for students graduating with loan debt (“There’s no reason for that… I never borrowed a dime of money”). But it’s even more outrageous when that person will let the interest rate on subsidized Stafford loans double in the next few weeks. And that’s exactly the case right now.

Rep. Virginia Foxx is overseeing the bill that will determine whether or not students with subsidized Stafford loans will see their interest rate double to 6.8%. She’s also the woman who, on a recent radio interview, stated “I have very little tolerance for people who tell me that they graduate with $200,000 of debt or even $80,000 of debt because there’s no reason for that.” Foxx displays complete ignorance about the reality of student loan debt in 2012.

Foxx needs to be publicly called out for her remarks, and Speaker Boehner has the power to do it. Sign here to tell Speaker Boehner and Congress to denounce Foxx’s comments.
Rebuild the Dream members told us what they thought of Foxx’s comments:

“We need someone who will understand the struggles of the majority of the college students in this country.  Not someone who lives in the clouds.” Ligia, CT

“This is a critical issue facing our nation, and for a person of her position to display such ignorance and arrogance is appalling.” Deidre, CO

“Her ignorance disqualifies her for her position.” Amanda, LA

“Either she needs to come up to speed on the realities of the issue, or be stripped of her position on this committee.” Bruce, TX

Stand with your fellow Rebuild the Dream members and help us make this the biggest Rebuild the Dream petition yet. Sign here to tell Speaker Boehner and Congress: Rep. Foxx’s comments are unacceptable.

Together, we can show Foxx that student loans are a major problem affecting America.

Be well,

Molly and the Rebuild the Dream team

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M.D. Block
M.D. Block
8 years ago

I believe that it was reported that Rep. Foxx has the fewest citizens with a higher education among her constituents in the 5th district.
Rep. Foxx is a New York born Italian Catholic who move to N.C. when she was very young. She doesn’t represent those of us whose people were among the first landowners and who fought in the Revoulutinary War, then we fought Italy to keep our freedoms. She is inimical to our Democracy and an insult to the American people! She has no shame! At long last, she has no decency!
Thomas Jefferson warned that ‘ignorance’ is the greatest threat to our Democracy. Plato warned that ignorance is the root and stem of every evil.
Rep. Foxx represents the ignorance about which Thomas Jefferson warned. Rep. Foxx represents the ‘evil’ about which Plato warned!