VERGE of COLLAPSE: Economy & Privacy | Ann Barnhardt

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5 years ago

This woman has her head up her behind, as she proudly and vehemently denounces any and ALL so-called “conspiracy theorists” — especially mentioning “crazy” ideas such as climate engineering (chemtrails), the 911 truth movement, etc. If she is so stupid and biased in this vital venue, I have absolutely ZERO trust or respect for her thinking on economic matters. Besides, there are dozens of other GENUINE experts on fiscal issues who are also on track with conspiracy FACTS (not theories) that I can listen to instead of this retard.

5 years ago

Fine, let her then confine her remarks to those subjects in which she actually has some knowledge rather than using her so-called expertise in finance as a platform to denounce and deny the very forces and yes, “conspiracies” that accompany and direct the fiscal forces she afterwards attempts to understand and preach about.