The House of Representatives in the state of Virginia is quickly ramming liberal legislation down the throats of innocent people.  They have passed an “assault weapons” ban, which would criminalize thousands of people who haven’t committed a crime.

On Tuesday, Democrats continued their quest to disarm the civilians and advocate for a series of gun control measures in what has become the epicenter of the nationwide gun debate.

The 51-48 vote in the House of Delegates moves H.B. 961 (the assault weapons ban) to the state Senate. Passage among senators could be in jeopardy, however, as Democrats only have a two-seat majority, meaning they can only afford to lose one vote should all the Republicans oppose the bill.  But don’t assume it’s passage won’t happen.  Taking away guns is essential for tyranny. But the propaganda is all about safety:

“This legislation, just like other bills passed by the House this year, is intended to make Virginians safer every day,” House Democrats said in a statement after the vote. –Fox News

This is to make tyrants safer against those they want control over. This is obvious to anyone who has even the slightest knowledge of history.


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3 years ago

You should see what they are doing across the Potomac in Maryland. Just as bad.

b ligon
3 years ago

I am done with Virginia. I need a real estate agent in NC or Tennessee.

3 years ago

b ligon -- Save your Moving Expenses, buy More Ammo. (((bloomturd))) has targeted both NC an TN like Virginia, to Buy Off the legislatures there and implement the same (((bolshevik))) ‘gun control’ there. I’m in Virginia, and at most may make a ‘tactical relocation’ to a more Mountainous County.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
3 years ago

Gonna be real interesting to see how VA handles the
Rebellion headed their way. Screwing with the 2A is dangerous business.


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