Wait, What?

The shipping company took this theft seriously? This was an inside job but the documents should have been copied prior to shipping. How can a criminal syndicate seeking to profit off of the office of the Presidency get within one step of their objective without being stopped?

Will you accept a Biden Presidency? A man who sold out his country to China, Russia and Ukraine at a minimum? A man who used his own son and brother as bag men. A man who is mentally impaired? A man who introduced the racist crime bill and supported a leader in the KKK? A man who will be controlled by foreign interests as well as our own corrupt intelligence agencies?

Politics aside, the current events in this country are disgusting. And that is putting it mildly. The evil that has taken control of this nation knows no boundaries, including murder. What will they do to destroy the Republic and continue the tyranny already in place? As we have already seen, they will do anything.

David DeGerolamo

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1 year ago

I thought there were cameras everywhere inside shipping hubs. That’s a good question to ask the shipping company. Cuz if they don’t have them, I would never use them. Or maybe it’s like a jail cell where the camera had a glitch and didn’t work while security guard fell asleep. (Epstein)
This is getting to look more like same old song. (Seth Rich)

1 year ago

I’d post my comments, but it would probably earn me a visit from men in black suits.

1 year ago

The package carriers, that we know and use,
give complete access to “government agencies”.
All they had to do was “tape” Carlson and teams’
phones for the heads up of the package.
From there, it was childs play.
Who wants to bet the Frame Belie Instigate is involved.