War is coming. The question is whether it is a false flag by the FBI/CIA with China, a Democrat Party cover up using Russia as an excuse or a Middle East confrontation with Iran. Remember 1984: War Is Peace.

David DeGerolamo

CIA: China is waging a ‘quiet kind of cold war’ against US

China is waging a “quiet kind of cold war” against the United States, using all its resources to try to replace America as the leading power in the world, a top CIA expert on Asia said Friday.

Beijing doesn’t want to go to war, he said, but the current communist government, under President Xi Jingping, is subtly working on multiple fronts to undermine the U.S. in ways that are different than the more well-publicized activities being employed by Russia.


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Russia Committed An Act Of War And Trump Won’t Talk About It

You don’t have to believe there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to see this clearly: When Vladimir Putin and his top military intelligence officers facilitated the hacking of the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, they engaged in an act of war against the United States.

The indictments of 12 top Russian military intelligence officers handed down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday, following on his previous indictments of 13 Russians, make clear that the U.S. was attacked by a hostile power in a brazen act of aggression. Just because it wasn’t Pearl Harbor and no one was killed in the attack itself doesn’t mean it wasn’t an act of aggression by a foreign power.

And that’s what Republicans would be calling it ― war ― if they weren’t in the tank with President Donald Trump, who, instead of strongly condemning Russia, is cozying up to Putin and is infuriated that he and his campaign are under investigation for colluding with Russia and obstructing the probe.


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5 years ago

Aaaaannnnnd I’m still waiting on evidence in black and white….still waiting.
Anybody remember “Yellow Cake” and the Iraq war?

5 years ago

My vote goes to a false flag war caused by BLM or Antifa.