(Warning- Blood) Veti-Gel Stops Bleeding Instantly

Joe Landolina may have invented a cure for bleeding. He claims that his creation, a substance called Veti-Gel, jump-starts the clotting and healing process so quickly that even wounds to internal organs or major arteries are able to close up instantaneously. And Joe has accomplished all this by his third year of college at NYU.

“It instantly tells the body, ‘OK, stop the bleeding,’ but also it starts the healing process,” said Landolina.

Veti-Gel (also sometimes called Medi-Gel) is a synthetic form of the extracellular matrix, or ECM, the substance that forms a kind of scaffolding in the body that holds cells together and also triggers the clotting process if there is an injury. In tests on rats, Landolina was able to close up a slice into the liver and a puncture of the carotid artery. (He plans to publish the results in about two months.)


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8 years ago

It looks promising. Having read the article I discovered there are already similar products out there that I was not even aware of. Common sense tells me one thing though, and that is you better make sure the wound is cleaned completely before applying this or other fast clotting material when possible. Of course if it’s not it’s better to go ahead and deal with infection later because you can bleed to death very quickly.