Was Healthcare.gov designed to fail?

See additional comments on Tea Party Nation.


The short definition of the Cloward–Piven strategy:

It  is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”.

I program information systems as part of my work for a major electrical utility and a large school system. After reading the article below concerning the code written for the Affordable Care Act, we need to look at our government in a different light.

1. Why do we have no federal budget for five years?

2. Why is the government shut down without any negotiations other than the unconditional surrender to Obama’s dictates?

3. Why is the debt ceiling being raised again with no cuts in spending?

4. Why is Obamacare not declared illegal? Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution states:

All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

Once the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare was a tax, it should have been ruled unconstitutional since it originated in the Senate.

5. Is the goal of our government to redistribute the wealth of the people to the government as a financial coup d’etat to implement Cloward-Piven?

Would anyone have thought even twenty years ago that we would ever have to ask these questions? But we are not asking these questions. And we are not addressing the one question that is the linchpin for our future:

Was Obamacare designed to fail?

If it was, we are out of time.

David DeGerolamo

Obamacare computer code riddled with typos, Latin filler text, desperate programmer comments and disastrous architecture

If I had told you one month ago that ten days into the launch of Obamacare not a single person could be confirmed to have successfully enrolled, you would have called me a lunatic. And yet, here we are, tens days into the launch, and guess what? The White House cannot produce a single person who has successfully enrolled through the federally-run exchange Healthcare.gov.

Not one.

The real story on the catastrophic IT disaster known as Healthcare.gov is only now beginning to be recognized by the nation. As a person with a strong IT background running large R&D projects, I was among the very first to claim that Healthcare.gov is not just broken, it’s DOA because of critical design failures.


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Just C. Allmeshy
Just C. Allmeshy
8 years ago

Perhaps the goal of the Government is what it was intended to be since 1789. The goal is to return the land to the king, the Pope, and their followers. The federal Government has proven this from Washington’s attack on Pennsylvania to todays raids on Farmers.

When a Corporation owns land it is really just using it as an asset that can be handed over to the Corporate banks and thus to the rulers who authorized them. However when a man (both sexes) owns land he does so in total under his rights as a human. To get his land the Corporations need to make him give it up for something else.

This makes Obama-care’s financial parts fit in. You destroy all of the other Insurance companies by legislation, and then raise the price of medical attention (while promoting new drugs on TV) till the man has to sell the land for his proposed health care. Then the man is homeless and the death will not be noticed. The bank returns the land to the Pope and the NWO goes on one opposer less.

Eric Dailey
Eric Dailey
8 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

David, before the Israelites were enslaved by Pharaoh it was all the Egyptians who were enslaved by Pharaoh with the direction of Joesph during the seven years of famine. That is the model of the current banking infrastructure. It’s worth a re-read.

Eric Dailey
Eric Dailey
8 years ago

I think the answer to the post headline is YES. I also think the comment by Just C. Allmeshy above is very informed. Most won’t understand his remarks.