We Are No Longer A Representative Republic

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Congress approved the elimination of the debt ceiling today and the pResident is expected to sign it quickly into law. The Republican “leadership” in both the House (John Boehner) and the Senate (Mitch McConnell) supported this measure to abandon their fiduciary responsibility to spend our money without any oversight or restraint.

If our elected officials are not representing their constituents, the Constitution or the rule of law, how can any believe that we are a representative Republic? And once we accept the reality, what is our course of action? The government has already labelled Constitutionalists, Christians and veterans as domestic terrorists. The IRS has targeted selected individuals and Tea Party groups without any repercussions. The NSA has implemented an illegal surveillance system that is the envy of every repressive regime in the world.

We must understand what we are facing: tyranny. Backed by armed federal agencies (IRS and USPS employees are not the only armed federal employees) and a militarized police force (courtesy of the federal government), our only advantage is numbers. Or is it? A majority of the people now work for the government or are supported by welfare/disability/social security. Who will fight to regain Liberty? Who will even fight the two political parties who have sold our children into slavery?

David DeGerolamo

McConnell provides key vote as Congress approves debt increase

Congress approved a massive increase in the federal debt Wednesday, with Republican leaders linking arms and jumping together to help Democrats OK a play that will let President Obama borrow as much money as is needed to cover federal obligations for the next 13 months.

In the key vote, senators backed the debt increase by a tally of 67-31 — but only after the GOP’s leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, voted with Democrats. It was a brutal vote for the Kentucky Republican, who is locked in a GOP primary battle back home and who will face harsh criticism from conservative groups.

The debt increase cleared the House on a 221-201 vote on Tuesday and President Obama is expected to sign it into law.

The Senate vote was dramatic.

Democrats appeared to be at least one vote shy of being able to overcome a GOP filibuster, and it wasn’t until Mr. McConnell voted in favor of it that it became clear the debt increase would pass. After he voted, his top lieutenants, who had already voted against the debt increase, switched — and then went to other rank-and-file Republicans and asked them to switch too, trying to present a united front.


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