We Have to Take Back the Republican Party

Since the 2008 election, the 912 and Tea Party groups have had the same refrain: we must take back the Republican Party from the inside. A never ending stream of groups to accomplish this “goal” were established but no outstanding group or person rose to the challenge of an effective course of action.

Four years later, the Tea Party movement is in shambles and the effort to take back the GOP from the inside has been exposed as a flawed strategy.

1. The Republican convention showed the complete disrespect for grass roots’ efforts. Not one mention of the Tea Party or its influence in the 2010 was mentioned. Shadow meetings blocked any opposition to Mitt Romney on the ballot. Ron Paul’s name could not be mentioned from the podium and the man leading the opposition to the rules changes was kidnapped until after the “voting” was completed.

2. The Republican Party leadership never embraced the Tea Party Caucus or its principles. A return to the Constitution? Smaller government? More freedom? A national budget? When did you get tired of saying “More Please” to your masters?

3. The initial power that the Tea Party did have was at first marginalized and now vilified by the Democrat Party, the media and now even the leadership of the GOP. All politics is local? How did that work out? Not too well in a Socialist state?

4. Name any member of the grass roots who wanted Pat McCrory as the governor of North Carolina?

For those who spent countless hours (as did I) trying to educate people on Liberty, founding principles and Sacred honor, I thank you.

What is the next step? Bill Whittle’s video should be mandatory viewing for anyone who is fighting for the duration:

It is time to be proactive: our efforts must be structured for success through strategy. Billboards across the state with no message other than Reclaim America was an example of another flawed strategy and a waste of resources. Begging a master for the right to secede is another flawed strategy: read the Declaration of Independence to see what real patriots did. And then what they accomplished. Get mad at the messenger if you like but if you want to save Liberty, get to work and realize that we are at war. And the duration of the war will not be short, cheap or easy.

David DeGerolamo


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