What A Loser…

Jim Comey talking about integrity is like a Democrat saying they are not Communists.

David DeGerolamo

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3 years ago

Not only a loser but a dumb criminal as well. He’s a complete joke and an incompetent one, too. I can’t wait to see him and the rest of his minions, in orange jumpsuits, walking the gallows.

3 years ago

There’s a distinct lack of ‘Tegridy in the world today …

The world needs more ‘Tegridy (South Park, season 22)

[slow start]
This ol’ world is getting to me. There’s just no trust, no ‘tegridy.
So I loaded up the kids, took my wife by the arm,
[switch to fast tempo]
and I moved on out to a Colorado farm.
Now it’s early to bed, early to rise. The crops are plowed and it’s no surprise
City folks are fightin’ and I don’t give a darn (darn, darn)
‘Cause I make my livin’ on a Colorado farm.
I gotta drive the tractor, gotta cut the grass
Chut-chut goes the baler like it’s never gonna last
There’s food in the kitchen and there’s bud in the barn. (barn, barn)
That’s life livin’ on a Colorado farm.
Ice-cold beer, pickup truck. Country music, listin’ shit.
We got tegridy to keep us warm.
That’s what you get on a Colorado farm.
And I’m gonna stay on a Colorado farm.


… y’all play safe this new year !

3 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

I moved to the woods 40 years ago. Ever since we’ve been:

“Waxing it up, and flossing it down, in a little white box I can sell up town.” -- Frank Zappa … many years ago.

Only problem here is the influx of progressive-minded city folk.

But we politely refer to them as ’emergency rations’.

Some may take offense … that’s their problem.

3 years ago

In another life Comey would have been commanding the Red Guards in a cellar getting ready to murder the Czar’s family. Prior to that he’d have been heading the Inquisition.