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An interesting question. It has been a long time since I have thought about what I want personally. The past twelve years have been focused on what I could do to ensure the Liberty of my children. Or rather, all of the children in the country. It soon became apparent to me that there was a big difference between the country and the government. What do I want personally? Nothing. The Lord has been very generous to me.

What do I want for the people?

  1. I want the rule of law to be carried out equally.
  2. I want a judiciary that will render opinions based on the Constitution instead of imposing their subjugation on the freedom of religion.
  3. I want everyone to be treated as if all lives matter, not a racist viewpoint to advance Communism.
  4. I want pedophiles and traitors in the government to be held accountable for their crimes.
  5. I want our schools to educate our children instead of indoctrinating them.
  6. I want our universities to provide a quality higher education to advance our country instead of enslaving our young men and women with debt.
  7. I want to stop endless wars.
  8. I want our churches to stand up for God.
  9. I want our people to have public virtue as they had in 1776.
  10. I want to have government out of our personal lives.

People have stated that we need a leader to organize us to fight against tyranny. I have stated that we need multiple leaders like the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence. They were willing to “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor”. The question I want to put forth today is: did they want to do it or did they need to do it?

Once we understand that question, what we want becomes irrelevant and we can focus on what we need. I need to have a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence to restore this country’s Liberty. I understand that restoration may include the balkanization of the country. Our diversity has destroyed our unity and this was intentionally done by the government to weaken us. I need to for people to understand the gift that the Lord has given us when he allowed the Great Experiment to flourish. But no matter what I need, we must understand that while one man or woman can accomplish much, we need many people to stand up against the tyranny that is gripping our people.

I know that many people are making lists. As I wrote in the Washington Trials in 2012:

 We have three options ahead of us:

1. We can let the people responsible for the destruction of our country go free in an effort to start fresh.

2. We can engage in vigilante justice.

3. We can put them on trial.

For me, number 1 is off the table. Number 2 was off the table in 2012 but the crimes of the federal government may have made this option necessary for many. Think about Nevada v. Calvary Chapel and Antifa burning Bibles to see how far our “leaders” have degenerated.

This leaves number option 3. A good option for a moral people and one which I had hoped would save the country eight years ago. The past eight years have shown that our country’s leaders have no honor and the people received no justice. Option three was before:

  1. The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
  2. The multiple felonies of Hillary Clinton.
  3. Biden’s Ukraine and China scandals.
  4. The collusion and crimes of the FBI, CIA, NSA and DOJ.
  5. The Russiagate fabrication.
  6. The baseless impeachment of a President.
  7. The entrapment of General Flynn.
  8. A pandemic that was exaggerated in order to lock down people, schools and the economy.
  9. The “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein.
  10. The illegal spying on a political opponent by the federal government in 2016.

Our people need to remember the intangible traits that guided our founding fathers: honor, morality, courage and virtue. Most importantly, we need to remember our faith. If we keep these traits close to our hearts, souls and minds, then the greed and lust for power that led to tyranny can be overthrown. I pray for option 3 but the other side has gone too far.

Pray for guidance and pass the ammunition.

David DeGerolamo

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1 year ago

I absolutely agree with your suggestions or wants. I also agree with your solution. It is long past the time when good men and women need to act. We can’t back down or get grow soft on what these butt heads have coming.

Ryanne Johnson
Ryanne Johnson
1 year ago

Ya gotta proof read your article! We want the Rule of CONSTITUTIONAL Law! The exact opposite of communism-rule of law. Test and confirmation. Afghanistan has rule of law. That is exactly what we never want to see in the U.S. Don’t use communist democrat buzz phrases in your articles. It confuses people as to which side you are on.

1 year ago
Reply to  DRenegade

ditto on the trolling.

a follower
a follower
1 year ago

What does God want, what does He need, from each and every one of us, not just “the church?”
we are as individuals the church, we are the bride, the Holy place, and i am led to believe and or question,
was June of 2015,(five years ago) The decision of the “supreme court” the turning point of our direction as a Nation,(and our blessings) and as many other Nations have gone.
Romans 1:26,27,28.

1 year ago

I prefer Option #2………..pour encourage les autres.