What Happened to Colorado?

Colorado used to be a bellwether state. Now it has become a breeding ground for the liberal agenda where morality is under constant attack. The latest “victory” is the legalization of same sex unions. How fast has this state turned? In 2006, Colorado voters outlawed same-sex marriages. In last year’s election, marijuana was legalized. As another example of our two-tiered justice system, the federal government is not enforcing federal laws criminalizing marijuana possession. This recently turned blue state is undergoing a transformation that will lead to its moral and economic bankruptcy.

As Colorado eviscerates the 2nd amendment, try to remember how this state used to be.

David DeGerolamo

Colorado Approves Same-Sex Unions

With a stroke of the governor’s pen, Colorado on Thursday legalized civil unions for same-sex couples, a major shift for a Western state where voters outlawed same-sex marriages in 2006.

The law makes Colorado the 18th state to allow gay marriage or some form of same-sex union, and its signing comes days before the Supreme Court hears two major cases on marriage equality.

For many gay Coloradans, it was a jubilant — if almost unreal — moment.

“When we started fighting for it, this was a foregone conclusion that it wasn’t going to happen,” said Jerry Cunningham, the publisher of the magazine Out Front Colorado. “It’s kind of amazing. It’s creating an awareness that we can have relationships. It validates it and legitimizes it, and says it’s O.K.”

Across Colorado, couples are already making plans. Denver’s fourth annual gay and lesbian wedding expo is being held at the end of April (“Begin planning your own dream civil union!”) and the county clerks in Denver and Boulder are planning to open their offices at midnight on May 1 — when the law takes effect — to hand out the first civil union licenses.


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8 years ago

Colorado is infested with hordes of illegal aliens and you can bet many are voting.. the news media will never report this..

Taylor Ruble
8 years ago

I find it amazing that conservatives can not grasp and even embrace libertarian ideals even when they appear to be some liberal, marxist agenda. Somehow conservatives have mistakenly attributed an overt divinity to our founding documents, specifically the Constitution which fails to mention Jesus Christ or God even once. Certainly the Founders were ardent men of faith and that drew inspiration from the Bible in forging our nation, but they intentionally avoided the union of God and state in the contract known as the Constitution. I, myself am a follower of Christ, and do not agree with same sex unions, but I am not the judge of those who want to participate in that activity. Only God has that power. I believe people have the inherent right to marry whoever they want. I believe an adult has the right to smoke whatever he/she wants. I believe a man or woman can own any weapon they want even if that means a tank. It is important to keep your religious morality out of the affairs of state especially when the state is founded on the principles of all people being equal. To apply equality only when the matter in question fits into your scope of morality is to completely abandon the spirit of what the founders intended. If you want God to be the absolute in what is legislated then the entire Constitution must be re-crafted, churches and their pastors will need to take back their position in our nation to exert the true influence of God, and liberty and all its benefits will need to be confined only to what Christians believe.

In truth Christ loved everybody, and if you believe that your sin is less than a man who wants to marry another man out of love, then you probably need to step back and take a look at your own life. You, me and everyone else does not go through a day that is not riddled with sin. You and I were born into it. Everyone’s judgement will be equal in our day of reckoning. Is the effort to restrict same sex marriage done out of love or hate? Is it done in judgement of the liberty these people are trying to express? Depending on your answers to these questions, you may be the one that is out of sync with both God’s sole right of judgment and the inherent rights that all men and women carry with them regardless of your personal morality and sensitivities.