What Happens If the Consent of the People Is Withheld?

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I would bet that most readers would quickly dismiss the premise of what happens if the consent of the people is withheld. After all, we have all been dutiful serfs to whatever government overreach has been thrown upon us for decades. Even to the point of tacitly accepting an fraudulent president who has dementia.

Today, Joe Biden announced his initial attack on the second amendment. As all political charlatans have successfully used misdirection and false nomenclature to enslave us, Biden stated:

“Nothing, nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment. They’re phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake for what we’re talking about.”

Then the dementia slipped and he stated:

“But no amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.”

So what if we ignore the federal diktats? What if the COVID restrictions are ignored? These restrictions have been proven false as shown in Texas which is 100% open. What if our law enforcement refuses to enforce regulations and executive orders which are illegal under the Constitution as is happening across the country?

I understand that the Constitution and the rule of law are ignored by the leaders of the coup. And to be clear, anyone in a position of power who supports the Biden presidency is a leader of the coup.

It is a matter of time before the emperor is revealed to have no clothes. Even if he is replaced by the immoral Vice-President, people will not acknowledge that fraud either. What does that mean? First, it means that there is not enough prison space to accommodate half of the country. Second, it means that fines will be irrelevant if not paid. Even if fines are satisfied by confiscation, the value of the dollar is quickly becoming on par with the Continental so what are we really losing?

Most people who are sapient have already taken measures to protect their “wealth”. As the government continues its quest to enslave us, the impending scheme of digital dollars to replace paper dollars in government accessible bank accounts will soon be here. This comes with negative interest rates and the threat of converting your existing dollars to digital dollars based on your ESG score.

I look at this as an opportunity to develop a barter economy similar to what Californians have done. Their government failed and their cities are shitholes. But the latest estimate is that 50% of Los Angeles is an underground economy. Just imagine not having to pay taxes and receiving government entitlements at the same time you are thumbing your nose at Gavin Newsom and Biden.

The leaders of this coup will soon realize that this reality has already begun. After a year of business bankruptcies, government lockdowns and entitlements to everyone including illegal aliens, the amount of money collected from federal income tax on April 15th will show the effects of their actions. I believe the spark of revolution will not be based on lost freedoms but the realization that the government is nothing more than a blood sucking tick. As a barter and underground economy undermine their financial looting, people will accelerate their efforts to obtain independence from tyranny.

And that is a tragedy. People should want their children to be free as God intended, not because they want to keep their money. We should have fought for our freedom based on our natural law rights, not for greed.

David DeGerolamo

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27 days ago

And to be clear, anyone in a position of power who supports the Biden presidency is a leader of the coup”.
And I would add, ‘anyone in a position of authority who enforces or attempts to enforce any ‘law’, executive order, edict, or diktat that is in obvious contravention to the U.S. Constitution is a domestic enemy of the United States.

27 days ago
Reply to  AlphaDog


bad laws.jpg
27 days ago
Reply to  X-Beast419

The popo’s best think about this one long and hard.

Ack Ack
Ack Ack
26 days ago
Reply to  Malachi

Obviously, ‘lAW eNFORCEMENT’ has been wholly unconcerned,
oblivious, and giving less than a damn for many decades now.

27 days ago

Shall not be infringed. The pResident can go $#@& himself. Free men don’t ask permission. Free men don’t abide dictators and tyrants.

Francis W. Porretto
26 days ago

…one of the characteristics of crisis situations is that even the ruling elites begin to weaken their support for the system. Because of the crisis, even part of the State begins to lose its zest and enthusiasm for rule. In short, a failure of nerve by segments of the State occurs. Thus, in these situations of breakdown, even members of the ruling elite may convert to an alternative system or, at the least, may lose their enthusiasm for the existing one.

Thus the historian Lawrence Stone stresses, as a requirement for radical change, a decay in the will of the ruling elite. “The elite may lose its manipulative skill, or its military superiority, or its self-confidence or its cohesion; it may become estranged from the non-elite, or overwhelmed by a financial crisis; it may be incompetent, or weak or brutal.”

Murray Rothbard

Conditions for a “radical change” appear to be ripening, but in which direction remains unclear. The “ruling elite” was shocked into panic by the election of Donald Trump, and still further alarmed when he proved not to be the buffoon they expected. They mobilized their forces, called on all their allies, and succeeded in stealing a national election — and virtually the whole country knows it. But so far, that consciousness has failed to evoke the degree of righteous anger required for a pro-freedom rebellion, and the elite’s will to power remains firm. So the question remains what it has been up to now: What will it take?


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25 days ago

I couldn’t believe what I heard when Biden said the Constitution was NOT absolute. And basically that’s what was said. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as the Constitution has been a thorn in side the Left for a very long time. I remember when Obama complained that is was a document of “negative” rights for the gov. And it is!. So we know that at some point the destruction of the Constitution is on the agenda of the Left. It’s probably been on the agenda from “start” We CANNOT let that EVER happen, anymore than we can allow ourselves to be DISARMED. Both of these critically important rights and vows are our best defense against what I consider a hateful communist regime.

25 days ago

Refusal to Comply/Participate was what caused the (((soviet union))) to Collapse. And (((they))) HATE Disrespect more than anything.
Face the Facts- we have a “zionist occupation government”. By the (((rich))), Of the (((rich))), for the (((rich))). Get Out of the ‘system’ Now, while it will be a Net Gain for your Finances.
Be Prepared to Fight and Kill .gov drones when they come to Take what you Have.