What Happens Next In Russia – A 6-Step Recipe For Western Disaster


Giving undue attention to Western MSM reporting often gives one a deluded since of reality. What is presently occurring between the USA/Europe and Russia is a prime example. We are treated to reports of Russian invasion and the US pResidents contention that the violent overthrow of a duly elected Ukrainian government amounted to a duly constituted ‘election’. Independent investigation, however, will quickly prove that Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and petition to join the Russian Federation after the true duly elected government of Ukraine was subjected to a coup financed by the US State Department. Eastern regions of Ukraine would like to follow Crimea’s example but are being subjected to an invasion, not from Russia, but from Kiev.

These recent events, such as the overthrow of the government in Ukraine, the secession of Crimea and its decision to join the Russian Federation, the subsequent military campaign against civilians in Eastern Ukraine, western sanctions against Russia, and, most recently, the attack on the ruble, have caused a certain phase transition to occur within Russian society, which, I believe, is very poorly, if at all, understood in the west. This lack of understanding puts Europe at a significant disadvantage in being able to negotiate an end to this crisis.

Since this subject is of overwhelming complexity, I will focus on just four factors, which I find essential for understanding the transformation we are currently witnessing.

Read the factors …

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