What Happens When Good People Become “Criminals”

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I was sent a short treatise on government written in 1959 by Robert LeFevre which shows that America’s Liberty has been suffering an ongoing destruction for a long period of time. We tend to focus on specific, recent examples of our loss of freedom such as TSA searches, the militarization of the police, the current status of the Department of Justice and Supreme Court decisions. But all of these examples (and more) share the following basic tenet of a dictatorial government as shown in this excerpt:

The Nature of Man and His Government (1959)

Today governments concern themselves in general not with criminals, but with law-abiding citizens. Every citizen is a victim of the aggressive tactics of government. Government begins by seizing the arbitrary and total power of deciding how much money it wants. Then it collects the money without a care or concern for the plight of the individual who must pay or be punished like a criminal.

Next, the government establishes hundreds and thousands of regulations which prescribe particular practices and proscribe others. Almost every action of every citizen has its legal “do” and “don’t.”

Try to think of something that people do. With the possible exception of breathing, laws bristle from the activity like quills from a porcupine. And the result of all these laws is to make any individual who does not conform in every respect, a lawbreaker.

Thus, the average person today, buttressed in by government, surrounded and overshadowed by government, finds himself a lawbreaker several times during an average day. And this fact turns him from being a law-abiding citizen into a lawbreaking citizen and equates him with any criminal who, in fact, breaks a law with aggressive intent.

The basic tenet of a dictatorial government is simple: it treats its citizens as criminals in order to control them. This means our “rights”  and Liberty are mere whims that we think we possess. People that know me, think that I am headstrong. What they mistake for being headstrong is actually passion. Passion for Liberty and my natural rights under God. I refuse to fly because I refuse to surrender my security under the pretext of being a criminal in the eyes of our government.

With this treatise fresh in my mind, I had the unfortunate “pleasure” of having to enter the Cherokee County Courthouse in Murphy, North Carolina for business. Under new guidelines, ALL citizens must now submit to a search and walk through a metal screener to enter. My pocket knife was forbidden and I had to return it to my vehicle in order to enter. The female deputy in charge of this screening was oblivious to the fact that she is subjecting the very people that the police are in place to protect to a process which makes “we the people” the criminal. No trial. No rights. No redress. NO LIBERTY.

So if we allow “our” government to make us into criminals with no rights to protect ourselves, no redress and no honor, what do we have left?


swat-team-690x388A federal court case has been launched after a SWAT team in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area busted into the wrong house, shot the family’s dog, handcuffed the children and forced them to “sit next to the carcass of their dead and bloody pet for more than an hour.”

The case has been outlined by Courthouse News, and Mike Riggs at a Reason.com blog wrote, “Shawn Scovill of the taskforce may have raided the wrong house, but he didn’t want to let the opportunity to rifle through someone’s things go to waste. So he and his team ransacked the Franco house for over an hour, and managed to find a .22 caliber pistol in the ‘basement bedroom of Gilbert Castillo,’ which the suit says they attributed to the head of the Franco household, Robert Franco.”


Do the police in the above picture remind you of a “peace” officer? So what can we do when the militarized police come for us? Our best defense is to plead for mercy. In Spanish. Because that is all we have left in a country without the rule of law if we submit.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Bob Lightner

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8 years ago

If we are to be transmogrified into criminals by the political machine, then let us use machine translation to communicate with our oppressors.

Input (English): “I will not submit”

Output (Spanish): “No presentaré”

I am proud to defy “malum prohibitum” at every opportunity.

Larry Porter
8 years ago

The problem, Hans, is that, yes, this has been going on since governments have been formed. This is what the people are willing to accept throughout history in the name of security. They have always been submissive to whatever government is in place. I understand and agree with your stand but we are such a tiny minority that we will never make much difference. We are alone in our defense. Never look around for support for you will find none of the voices who spoke in support before you marched on. They have melted into the crowd. Woodrow Wilson had ten thousand protestors against WWI arrested under the new Sedition Act. No one stood up for them. Herbert Hoover had the army (MacArther, Eisenhower and Patton as junior officers) shoot and burn citizens fro protesting. It has never been any different than it is today. We just happen to have a few more people who have become aware. And think about the grassroots people who screamed in 2009. They have melted into the GOP and are now marching along like good little citizens.

8 years ago

While I encourage others to embrace my philosophy, I will not be deterred by the absence of support. I am responsible for my Liberty.

8 years ago

Where is Mayberry?

Larry Porter
8 years ago

Agreed, Hans.

8 years ago

The perrenial battle has always been Liberty vs. tyranny. With the exception of moments few and rare, the tyrants are always on the advance, and those who love liberty on the defensive -- but when that rule is broken, the world changes, and quickly. Like it or not, I believe we are about to experience one of those rare moments -- and whether we want the responsibility or not, the outcome will be based upon what we are willing to put forth in Liberty’s name.

I truly believe that this is God’s fight -- through and through. God created free men, that they would have the free choice to submit to Him, or not. He gave us our freedom so that, in making the right choice, we would have a worthy gift to make unto Him -- our free and willful submission unto the one, single, valid authority in the world. THAT is the greatest freedom, freedom from sin. To submit to any other is a violation of the trust invested in us by our creator -- “a house cannot have two masters”.

The reason our forefathers rejected the style as well as the fact of monarchy, and chose instead to create a Constitutional Republic, was that they intended to bind those in public office unto the Law of God, while concurrently preventing the hijacking of the church by any would-be tyrant. The conscience of the polity is supposed to be the best gauge of what is “right”, and they buttressed that with the explicit protections in the BoR for dissenters. While the BoR protects “bad actors” and “good actors” equally well, our founders had faith that God would be the protector of such a system -- the bad actors would “cancel each other out” over time, whereas the good actors, working upon some inspiration in their hearts, would tend to reinforce each other as their inspiration spread.

I have stepped into the breach by sharing my thoughts and opinions publicly because I believe we have entered upon that time of inspiration -- I wish to stir the environment, spread the inspiration I feel, and embolden others who feel the same.

…Amor Audet Omnia

~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!


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