What Happens When the Welfare State Meets Radical Islam?

Stockholm Riots

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Sweden has long been known as a Socialist welfare state which even attempted to limit the fat intake of their people through taxes. The tax was repealed after people went out of the country to buy butter and ice cream.

One of the many downsides to being a Socialist state is the attraction of immigrants looking for a better life (or a free ride). This policy has attracted a large number of Muslims to the country:

Some 80% of the 12,000 residents in Husby are Muslim immigrants. Due to its liberal immigration policy and generous welfare benefits, Sweden has in recent decades become one of Europe’s top destinations for immigrants, both in absolute numbers and relative to its size.

What is the solution? Sweden must first acknowledge that this is a Muslim issue. If you cannot address the cause of the problem, you will never fix it.

David DeGerolamo

Stockholm Riots: Schools Torched as Vandalism Spreads across Sweden

Thirteen people aged between 18 and 25 have been arrested after protesters set fire to two schools in the fifth consecutive night of riots in Stockholm.

Fifteen cars were torched on Thursday night across the Swedish capital’s suburban neighbourhoods, and an attempt to set ablaze a police station was promptly quenched. Fire-fighters responded to some 70 emergency calls overnight.

“This makes me extra angry. Are things going to get better if people set schools on fire?” Aleks Sakala, a resident of Stockholm’s northern district of Kista, asked the Expressen newspaper.

“This is as far from good sense as you can get. This is madness. Where will my kids go to school tomorrow? They probably won’t be able to finish out the term.”

Security reinforcements are converging in Stockholm from around the country to curb the spiraling street violence, which erupted days after a 69-year-old machete-wielding man was shot dead by police.


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9 years ago

Having served multiple tours in the middle east and having direct daily interaction with people who believe in islam, I can assure you they only method of persuasion they will understand or comply with is, force of violence. Logical arguments don’t work, because they respond with “inshallah” if god wills it. They use their religion as an excuse for all of their personal shortcomings. Bottom line if you want a muslim to comply with western standards of behavior, you have two choices 1. don’t let them into your country (the preferred choice), 2. kill them once they do enter because they will never comply, their religion won’t let them.

9 years ago
Reply to  Bob

I have never set foot in a muslim country, but I have come to the same conclusion from reading about their behaviour in Europe.

Ban islam.

9 years ago

BOB you hit the nail on the head. I got so sick of hearing “Inshallah” I once lost it and screamed.
“Dont hand me that inshallah shit, get your ass out of that car, Now.”
I came home understanding why countries in the mideast must have dictators and monarchs
because that is what it takes to keep those people in order. Otherwise they would go back to being nomad goat-herders without a country or desert brigands the way they were barely 100
years ago.
Muslim immigration to the west is the classic example of the rabid dog biting the hand that feeds it.