What has really happened to ‘State Rights’…?

State Rights have been at the forefront of the liberty movement for some time now. With Ron Paul’s campaign in 2007/2008 a great awakening has taken place in the hearts and the minds of many of the people. A waking up, if you will, to the blatant fact of lawlessness executed by our governments, and an era of the Rule of Men and their monetary system of slavery, here in America – all the way up and all the way down. I am here to do my very best to explain and inform you of what has happened, a point Dr. Paul has touched upon, but one which the people (those who actually care about freedom, liberty, and unalienable rights) have not grasped; the starting point of the overthrow of law (usurpation), the destruction of State rights, and the downward spiral of our great American institutions.

Most of us who support the rule of law (the fundamental principles of constitutional republics) have come to the realization that we are not being told the whole story, we were and are being taught half truths, and brazen lies about what our governments have and have not done. We have been spoon-fed revisionist history, told to place our hope in men once every two years to restore to us what has been lost, and to ignore the evils of the past because the ‘ends justify the means’. The truth is, my countrymen, comfort and security have reigned supreme in our communities for generations now; we have lost our way and have come to believe that a little freedom is equal to the “Freedom” our forefathers intended for us. If you are reading this you are the exception, truth is what matters most, and the consequences in pursuit of truth are worth the sacrifice: “..our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

What has inspired me to write this, aside from the obvious passion that “eternal vigilance” requires of us, is the recent ‘hue and cry’ coming from former Bush administration speechwriter Michael Gerson: that Ron Paul is on a “quest to undo the Party of Lincoln”. This is where the answer to our question begins, but it is a trick question, because without coming to terms with the answer we will never restore to ourselves and our posterity what has been lost.

The trend we see today with the Obama administration is nothing new and, in fact, was initiated by the so-called ‘savior of the Union and great emancipator’. Lincoln and the 37th Congress waged an unjust war for the purpose of consolidating power in Washington, DC, this is the bottom line. I am aware of the rhetoric surrounding the ‘necessity’ of the war, but the truth is, if we are reasonable and logical; if we truly take the time to look at the history of the time and what followed, the picture becomes quite clear – the ‘American Civil War’ was a revolution waged by the ‘Radical Republicans’, one which was intended to overthrow the founding principles of our National constitution and the States which granted it power.

Lincoln’s war of genocide was the first step in setting the stage for all that we see that is going wrong in our nation today. The next great breach of trust and power grab by our National government occurred in 1867 and 1868 with the 39th Congress – the Reconstruction Acts. These Acts forced the ratification of the 14th Amendment and forced the annulment of lawful state governments. Now, many will say that this amendment was for the purpose of ‘giving civil rights’ to the recently freed slaves, however I would beg to differ – What then was the purpose of the ‘Civil Rights’ movement in the 1960’s? A closer inspection of the intent of the 14th Article of Amendment is also necessary to draw a clearer picture. The following is an excerpt from one of the ‘fathers’ of Congressional Reconstruction and the 14th Amendment, and is quite clear, and telling, as to the true purpose:

“…All were ordained in the spirit of liberty, all prohibited the existence of any form of slavery, and all heartily recognized the supreme sov¬ereignty of the National Government as having been indisputably established by the overthrow of the Rebellion which was undertaken to confirm the adverse theory of State-rights…As the vicious theory of State-rights had been constantly at enmity with the true spirit of Nationality, the Organic Law of the Republic should be so amended that no standing-room for the heresy would be left….…Its opening section settled all conflicts and contradictions on this question by a comprehensive declaration which defined National citizenship and gave to it precedence of the citizenship of a State. “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United /States and of the States wherein they reside.” These pregnant words distinctly reversed the origin and character of American citizenship. Instead of a man being a citizen of the United States because he was a citizen of one of the States, he was now made a citizen of any State in which he might choose to reside, because he was antecedently a citizen of the United States. The consequences that flowed from this radical change in the basis of citizenship were numerous and weighty…

…The first section of the Constitutional amendment which includes these invaluable provisions is in fact a new charter of liberty to the citizens of the United States; is the utter destruction of the pestilent heresy of State-rights, which constantly menaced the prosperity and even the existence of the Republic; and is the formal bestowment of Nationality upon the wise Federal system which was the outgrowth of our successful Revolution against Great Britain…”

James G. Blaine, Twenty Years of Congress 1861 – 1881 Vol. 2, pp. 300, 303, 312-313 (The Henry Bill Publishing Company 1886)

My countrymen and women, this is but the tip of the iceberg of what happened to State rights. For 151 years our system of government has been trying to rationalize and incorporate lawlessness into our system of government – “How can we make it appear that the Constitution for the United States of America is unfettered; that we have not set up a legislative oligarchy?”

I realize that this issue is not a simple one, the legal implication are “numerous and weighty”, but how can we expect to repair or remodel our house when we are unwilling to address the foundational problems which have persisted? Are we a nation of laws, or a nation of men? Do we truly believe in the fundamental principles of law embraced by our founding fathers or are the political whims and passions of the day superior to Natural Law? This issue is not unknown to the legal profession; it has just been considered taboo – From the Supreme Court of Utah:

“… In regard to the Fourteenth Amendment, which the present Supreme Court of the United States has by decision chosen as the basis for invading the rights and prerogatives of the sovereign states, it is appropriate to look at the means and methods by which that amendment was foisted upon the Nation in times of emotional stress…

…We have spoken in the hope that the Supreme Court of the United States may retreat from some of its recent decisions affecting the rights of a sovereign state to determine for itself what is proper procedure in its own courts as it affects its own citizens. However, we realize that because of that Court’s superior power, we must pay homage to it even though we disagree with it; and so we now discuss the merits of this case just the same as though the sword of Damocles did not hang over our heads.” Dyett v. Turner, 20 Utah 2d 403(1968).

This issue can no longer be ignored; it is ripping our nation apart. The ‘Civil War’ was a crime, Lincoln was a tyrant and usurper, Reconstruction is unconstitutional, and the 14th Amendment a nullity, void, in law. Constitutionally-minded people, such as Ron and Rand Paul are not ‘going to save us’; they are there to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with us, to give us aid and support in restoring our republics. Are you willing to educate yourselves upon this truth we must face? Are you willing to face the broken heart of our nation, and then do what must be done?

I will look forward to the discussion.

In liberty,
Isaac Hutchison Birch

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