What If?

What if anyone who contracted COVID-19 is now immune?

What if anyone who has been vaccinated (and is still alive) is immune to COVID-19?

What if anyone who previously contracted a SARS infection is immune?

Then haven’t we reached herd immunity?

Or will there always be a new variant to ensure our compliance with the new world governance?

This reminds me of people being told that they MUST pay their fair share of taxes but no one will ever quantify what “fair share” means.

In my area, people stopped wearing masks about last August. There is a small percentage who wear a mask which is ineffective in stopping any virus.


Cherokee County, North Carolina

Confirmed cases: 2625

Deceased: 34

This county has a population of 28,612. This means that 9.17% of the population has been classified as being infected with COVID-19. The case fatality rate is 0.12% here with little precautions in place.

2017-2018 Flu
Cases45 million

The above chart show a case fatality rate for the flu in 2017-2018 to be 0.13%. I know that these numbers for COVID-19 are inflated due to PCR testing abuse and the rush to classify any death as COVID-19 related in order to receive government money and continue the perpetual scare tactics of their pandemic.

Also keep in mind that Murphy, NC is a tourist/vacation/snowbird destination as well as having a large influx of people coming to gamble at the large casino here.

My point is simple: the government will never acknowledge herd immunity or relinquish their control over us. As an example, some people who have recovered from COVID-19 are getting a “vaccination”. As Rand Paul pointed out, this is not based on any medical principle for any bacterial or viral infection. In other words, they are administering a vaccine to someone who is immune.

When will the madness end? When the government has collapsed the economy using their pandemic as an excuse to enslave us even more that we have been enslaved. And yes they will never stop until we stop them.

David DeGerolamo

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4 months ago

When I look at how other causes of death have decreased. It makes me wonder if there is even a COVID-19. How do we know that this wasn’t a bad flu shot?

Forgot, I agree with everything said and insinuated.

Last edited 4 months ago by tangle
Steve Kerp
4 months ago

Best “fair share” discussion and info at http://www.losthorizons.com -- should be required reading in every economics class and law school.