What If “Occupy Wall Street” Ate the Rich?

Today was my third consecutive day at the Raleigh Capitol to video “Occupy Raleigh” and solicit reasons why people are committed to this cause. Of course the cause does not have much of a foundation other than the evil 1% of the corporations have stolen wealth from the remaining 99%. Their solution is simple: make them pay their fair share. This redistribution takes on different aspects depending on whom you ask. It may be the “fair share” tax rate which is as elusive to define as finding a member of the TEA Party to stand up for America at these occupations. It may take the form of arresting the evil rich and making them pay for their crimes. It may be a childish plan by the president to tax the rich to create more jobs. It may be mobs “visiting” the personal residences of the conservative rich in New York.

For those who believe these useful idiots have made a legitimate case for their cause, please take a deep breath and watch this video.


After you watch this video, show it to someone involved in or supporting the occupation. Since the occupiers have received a limited education in our indoctrination centers, they only effectively absorb information from a television or monitor. After they watch the video, ask them one simple question:


As the brownshirts found out in the Night of the Long Knives, once these useful idiots have served their purpose, they are eliminated. If they are not convinced, then the following video will explain their purpose:


If they still are not convinced, then play this video that outlines the plan to destroy our country back in March:


If they still are not convinced, then ask them again what they will eat after they have feasted on the rich? Of course that is assuming that their new masters will allow them to survive after their usefulness is no longer needed.

Dr. Paul Ehrlich wants a total world population of 500 million people:

We “are going to have to adopt some very tough foreign policy positions,” Ehrlich explains, and limiting our own families will let us do that “from a psychologically strong position … We must use our political power to push other countries into programs which combine agricultural development and population control.” Exactly what kind of power, or whether we would use it globally, or simply in countries which food shipments and “green revolutions” might save from starvation, is unclear. But he hints at a time when we might put temporary sterilants in food and water, while some of his more adventurous colleagues, no doubt impressed by pinpoint bombing in Southeast Asia, would spray whole populations from the air. If we’re so willing to napalm peasants to protect them from Communists, we could quite easily use a little sterilant spray to protect them from themselves.

Who would advocate this policy?  Obama’s science czar John Holdren advocates this type of radical population control. After all of this information is digested, just pray that they do not have enough critical thinking skills to ask the following question: if this is true, why isn’t the government doing anything to protect the Republic?

David DeGerolamo


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Zero Cool
Zero Cool
10 years ago


If you truly believe in what you write, then as a true patriot put your virtues where your mouth is and pickup arms against these tyrants. Be the first to set an example. If you do not, then you’re as shameful as the left, by simply spreading reverse propaganda.

Zero Cool

Tim Peck
Tim Peck
10 years ago

LTE: Occupy Wall Street
Asheville Mountain Xpress Weekly

Dear Editor,

Capitalism is morally good. It also happens to work remarkably well, raising millions around the world out of poverty and providing the marketplace with a myriad of life-enhancing material goods. This social system of economic and political freedom is the only one that fully recognizes, respect and protects individual rights. It is a system that we do not have in this country and have never had. We have had only greater or lesser degrees of economic freedom. We were the closest to capitalism during the inventive period of the late 19th Century, when most of the great innovations and conveniences we live with today were invented (phones, cameras, lighting, cars, appliances, etc.). Today, entreprenuers, like tech visionary Steve Jobs struggle, to provide society with innovations that give individuals more power over their lives.

Our current crisis is the result of government intervention in the marketplace through regulation, taxation, welfare, economic incentives, bailouts, central banking, fiat currency and rank cronyism. We live in a mixed economy. It is a mix of some capitalism and some socialism; some freedom and some political control. Half good and half bad equates to bad. And what we have today is bad. Businessmen, lobbyists and special interest groups are buying politicians because politicians are for sale. When you first hang up a shingle, buyers soon appear and compete for favors, handouts and bailouts, all at the expense of the rest of society.

The “Occupy Wall Street” protests are misguided by focusing on only one half of the equation. You cannot cure a disease with a misdiagnosis. Those angry protestors in New York and Asheville have misdiagnosed the problems they accurately perceive and would be better served by properly identifying the true source of their grievances: Government.

For an entertaining video on these points, visit econstories.com.

Isaac Hutchison Birch
10 years ago

There is no shame in presenting the truth -- the only shame that comes from showing what is true and what is false is the crashing realization, of a man or woman, that they have believed a lie; they were willing to fight for and die for that lie. It is a horrible feeling to wake up one day with the stark realization of: I really don’t have experiential knowledge of much of anything, that I have supplanted my desire for the truth with what someone else has told me to think and believe because the search simply became to tiresome and to confusing. A difficult place to be indeed, but it is a very necessary aspect of one’s journey thru life if one is to truly wake up and bring about a transformation of the world; an outward expression of the transformation that has happened from within (the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ is within you -- religious connotation aside as truth stands on its own).

Keep pushing to educate people. As far as insurrection and sedition, it already happened with Lincoln’s war, let us hope that we can restore what has been taken from all Americans.

WNC Patriot
WNC Patriot
10 years ago

There are so many groups of useful idiots throughout history and in our nation today. Most, mistakenly, believe the government is working on their behalf to make life more fair. In reality, government works to advance an agenda that will, ultimately, have no use for useful idiots.