What Is In Asheville’s Water Supply?

Why is Asheville so intent in making their city the liberal capital of North Carolina and possibly the entire Southeastern portion of the country? This city’s stance on Agenda 21, public exposure of women’s breasts, and illegal immigration are either an attempt to be in the forefront of social justice and Socialism or just a collective cry for help.

Whatever the reasons, Asheville needs to grow up and rejoin reasonable society if they hope to cope with our future economic conditions. Moral, law-abiding citizens in Asheville may be outnumbered but they will share in the consequences of this city’s childish outlook on life. I suggest that Buncombe county commissioners test the water supply to Asheville since something is affecting their common sense.

David DeGerolamo

Asheville Latino advocates want end to immigration status checks

Federal law intended to help county sheriffs identify illegal immigrants with criminal histories has led to the deportation of more than 400 people from Western North Carolina in less than three years .

More than 350 of those were arrested in Buncombe and Henderson counties alone.

But the program has drawn increasing criticism from Latino community advocates who say enforcement efforts have ensnared people with no criminal backgrounds who have secured jobs and developed community ties.

The message behind the program, Secure Communities, is clear for Nikki Marin, a coordinator with the Center for Participatory Change in Asheville, a grassroots organization that aims to help people transform their communities.

“It says law enforcement is casting a very, very wide net,” Marin said.

Marin’s organization has started work on a campaign that will highlight the stories of 100 people deported under the federal program, an effort she hopes will lead to reform.


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