What is “The Great Reset”?

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11 months ago

The ‘Great Reset’ is the working title given by the (((moneychangers))) to ‘close out’ the Pnzi Scam known as the “Federal Reserve Note”. It also is the Cover for the institution of a judeo/bolshevik Regime in as many Countries as (((they))) control through the ‘dollar’ and other Fake, Valueless “fiat paper money.”

Look up (((Klaus Schwab))) leader of the ‘world economic forum’ the (((banksters))) Organization that is running this communist putsch against the U.S.
Read what this kosher POS has to say about the ‘Coronahoax’ and WHY it is being promoted as a “Threat” that “Requires” a “Reset”.

Our Problems are Not created by ‘our learers’, those are just the Puppets of the satanic talmudists whose ‘religion’ considers You to be a Animal.