What Kind of Nation Will We Be?

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gail jansen
gail jansen
18 days ago

Free people guard their freedom even unto death. Freedom is not a political ideology. It is the language of the awakened soul. Buddhists seek Moksha of Hindus Mukti, the ultimate union of the soul with God. Christ opens the way of freedom to the soul by his astounding offer of salvation guaranteed by his personal blood and nurtured by the Holy Spirit. Freedom is achieved at the point where the soul knows good from evil. Freedom is expressed in the certainty of a moral person to do what is right. Moral in this sense being grounded in a person’s relationship with God, not the world.
So, America is the land of the free. America cannot be the land of the perverse and corrupt and be the land of the free. The only way to purge perversity and corruption is to be very clear within your own soul that you are grounded in goodness (an awareness that can only come from God), and you must walk the path of freedom in order to manifest that goodness in your life. Any obstruction to our freedom is a threat to our existence on this earth. Period.

17 days ago

I’m sending this to everyone on my email list. We need to make this go viral.