What They Don’t Teach in History Class

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This documentary is difficult to watch, but is a not so gentle reminder that history often repeats … or at least rhymes. Look around us today. Don’t you see the similarities?

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2 months ago

So far, I’ve watched part 1, mostly on the rise of communism, the Bolshevik revolution and the Holodomor. It is based upon the premise that the Bolsheviks were predominately Jewish and that communism is a derivative of Judaism and that Karl Marx was and Ashkenazi jew born Chaim Hirschel Mordechai and was both related to and employed by the Rothschild family. Other revolutionaries are mentioned such as Trotsky and mention is made of Stalin having likewise been Jewish.
Of course if you try to “Google” this information the top articles, chief of which is Wikipedia, claim that it is a canard or a White Nationalist hoax. However if you use a less biased search engine and start digging through some of the pieces of information there is enough there including percentages of population, history of the animosity between the Christians and Jews in Russia and other bits and pieces that make you go hmm.
One of the pieces that is mentioned early in the documentary that certainly rhymes today was the tactic of the Jewish to scream racism in the face of criticism as a means to stop any sort of critique or dissent. If one looks at the communistic “left” in America that is most definately one of their chief tactics.
As the victors in war get to write history this quickly becomes a very taboo, if not dangerous topic, especially in America where loyalty to Israel is not to be questioned and the Jew is not to be criticized. At the same time, how many “prominent” members of congress are not only Jewish but hold dual citizenship with Israel? How many of the Federal Reserve? Speaking of the Federal Reserve was it created by the Rothschild clan in order to bankrupt the people and henceforth push them into poverty and communism.
When you start looking at the less savory pieces of the history of the last four or five turnings. especially when viewed through a lens other than that of the victor that wrote the history books used in school you can see the echos of old confrontations and the same old actors taking place upon the modern stage.

2 months ago
Reply to  Matt

I’m in hour three. The quotes of the likes of Churchill, and the Jewish elite are quite enlightening. They condemn themselves.

2 months ago

Just pointing out the FACT that ‘communism’ is “jewish” gets (((them))) screaming almost as loud as when you point out that their “Holy Cost” was nowhere near as Extensive as what ‘jewish’ bolsheviks did to White, Christian Europeans.