What Will It Be: Tyranny or Freedom?

We find ourselves precariously balanced on the pivot point of freedom or tyranny. The scandals from this administration coupled with the unbridled greed in Washington and Wall Street have put the future of our Liberty into perspective. Will we allow our fate to be determined by politically motivated tyranny? Or will we stand up for our Sacred honor once more?

One man (or woman) can make a difference. Whether a new George Washington will emerge or even 56 patriots willing to sacrifice their lives, fortune and Sacred honor,  time is no longer on our side. We must choose wisely and not be manipulated by false flags into actions that are premature. As I stated previously, we are in a classic battle of good vs. evil. Our advantage in this battle is the we are presented with only two choices. Follow your faith and you will choose wisely. It really can be that simple to fight and prevail over the evil of domestic enemies.

David DeGerolamo

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cav medic
cav medic
10 years ago

All well said, but all we do is log on, blog on, surf and petition. It’s much too late in the day for that, it has been for a long time now. We are going to internet ourselves right into the barrel end of a firing squad and shallow ditch.

10 years ago

What is needed is one state, preferably one that is not land locked within the boundaries of the US, to rise up and declare its independence and intention to be a free nation. My suggestion is Montana. They share a border with Canada for trading purposes, they have vast resources of coal to base their nations trade/economy on and enough land that if they offered some of it for patriots willing to come and serve in their defense against the guaranteed US aggression that would come in response to their proclamation, then they would more volunteers then they would need.