What’s Next After the Election?

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The premise of this article is predicated on the results of the presidential being official on Wednesday.

After the election is over, what will be the focus of our attention? Or should I say how will the media direct our attention from both the right and the left?

1. The administration has effectively used the media and Hurricane Sandy to divert attention from Benghazi. Congressional hearings will proceed at a rapid pace after the election and we can expect more “leaks”. The extent and consequences of the Libyan hearings will be dependent on the outcome of the election. If Obama wins, expect the invocation of executive privilege and collusion with Eric Holder to minimize the fallout. Depending on the final results and speed of the hearings, this may lead to the impeachment of Obama and its subsequent Senate dismissal under Harry Reid.

I see no positive outcomes in this matter for America. We either lose our honor or risk a military coup. I know one thing in my heart: Americans died and we will not regain our honor without the truth.

2. The true impact of Hurricane Sandy will be shown by the media. The impotence of a Socialist government to deal with reality will become apparent. A nation of people dependent on the government with no accountability will be exposed and the consequences will be dependent upon the true depth of devastation. At a minimum, we will have learned the value of being prepared for emergencies. The country will see a surge in terrorists preppers.

3. We will know the direction of the tax changes effective on January 2, 2013. If the three tax changes occur as scheduled, expect a major correction in the stock market as people take advantage of lower capital gains. Also expect a surge in gold and silver: people have to put their money somewhere safe from inflation.

4. Expect to see some Supreme Court retirement announcements. Let’s hope any vacancies will be filled after the inauguration if Romney wins.

5. I expect to see several announcements concerning the economy and federal deficit. The next federal debt ceiling will be reached before the end of the year. Quantitative Easing III ∞ is a government bailout of mortgages which will not impact our economic recovery. True unemployment figures and analysis will show that the “recovery” is fictitious: removing the stimulus funding from GDP shows that we never were out of a recession.

Black swans:

  •  The proxy civil war in Syria
  •  Iran’s nuclear and military ambitions
  •  Israeli strike in Iran
  •  Putin’s ambitions to control everything
  •  North Korea
  • Hyperinflation
  • Euro collapse: Greece, Spain, Italy or Portugal
  • China: possible alignment of the yuan to gold to remove the US dollar as the world’s currency
  • Civil unrest in the United States
  • Natural disasters

Looking back on information released after previous elections, I would say that the dam is about to burst after Tuesday.

David DeGerolamo

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8 years ago

WE HAVE BEEN WARNED The wall of the vinyard is about to come down, and those with ears to hear are finishing their preps…

8 years ago

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming, regardless of the results. If you don’t get it by now, you won’t get it by then. Fill up the tanks tonight, go nowhere unarmed from here on out, and do not take any unnecessary risks. Oh, and a gasoline powered pressure washer makes a formidable fire fighting apparatus…as long as you have water!

Stay safe!