When The Market Unravels There Will Be “No Place To Hide” | David Stockman

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18 days ago

He is extremely accurate! The bust is coming… when China, Russia, Iran etc.. start pulling all they can out at once, i am pretty sure they have enough skin in game to drop that extra stomp on NYSE! BUT..LAND, SILVER/GOLD, OIL and G&ammo will hold better value or hopefully even some gains. We know this money machine will soon explode! Why would they want to stay on a “dollar peg”

18 days ago

There is little doubt that our economy is about to tank, thanks to Mr. Biden and friends. And there is little doubt that the market is overheated and will probably unravel within a year..
But David Stockman has always been full of shit. Stockman has been predicting the end of the world as we know it for 20 years. He’s as bad as Robert Reich. Doom and gloom, doom and gloom.
These men are not to be given credence.

15 days ago
Reply to  bobdog

Agree, Stockman was yelling to get out of stocks in 2015, which I mostly did, thinking Hillary would be president. Trump won, Covid hit, and stock markets are at all time highs. The one thing I learned, Stockman et all are a broken clock, they will be correct twice, just waiting for that time to arrive