When the Optics no longer matter – Kerodin

I despise the word Optics as used by the kewl-kids inside the Beltway these days.  It simply means “The way things look to the public”.  Politicians, by nature, worry about how every action will look to the public, especially those at home who will pull levers again next election.

But I warned immediately after the election that I am now willing to put a timeline on Implosion: Four years or fewer because the Bad People want to be in power to control the crash and to “re-build” America in their image.  Their image is a Red image.  Not Republican Red, but Communist Red.  The Bad People also know a massive reset is needed for either side to win.  For Liberty to truly die in America, there will have to be chaos to facilitate the coming Stalinist/Maoist purge.


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