When Will We Stop Faking Reality?

If we honestly reflect on the accomplishments of the Trump administration, we clearly discern results based on sound business principles without the excuses for failure that politicians have given us for their own greed and ineptitude.

The Trump administration did spend too much money. We may never know if the the alleged $200 trillion stolen by Wall Street and the political elite is true or if a portion of that money would have been recovered and used to pay off the debt. We may never know if the pandemic was implemented to destroy the Trump economy.

What we do know is how much damage can be done in one short month as the government has surpassed our worst case scenarios:

  1. Construction pipeline/energy jobs lost.
  2. Gas and energy prices skyrocketing.
  3. Propaganda and censorship of the news.
  4. Washington, D.C. is an armed camp.
  5. Texas is in shambles.
  6. No one knows who is in charge of the military.
  7. Educational institutions and industry are teaching critical race theory.
  8. The president is not taking calls from foreign leaders.
  9. Climate change is used to control our livelihood, energy consumption and oppression.
  10. Iran is dictating terms for nuclear war.
  11. The second amendment is under attack.
  12. Immigration policies have opened the borders and released criminals.
  13. Executive orders have replaced Congressional legislation.
  14. Vaccinations are used to restrict travel.
  15. Cancellation of our culture has been expedited.

The future looks bleak. We have our faith in the Lord and have even won a small battle allowing churches to reopen (but no singing allowed). Reason tempered with faith are all we need to overcome tyranny. As I watch people suffering, I wonder how long until they wake up. The longer it takes, the more blood will be shed. What do you think we will look back upon in another month from now?

David DeGerolamo

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1 month ago

Pres.Trump needs to step back in his lawful place and put an end to this “game” they are playing before it is too late to regain control.

Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
1 month ago
Reply to  Beverly

Respectfully, why is it Tump’s responsibility to do what American’s will not do?

gail jansen
gail jansen
1 month ago

Speaking as a Trump supporter, this situation feels eerily like the first stages of a serious law suit. It feels like Lawyer Land. When a serious lawsuit begins to be laid out all of the lawyers are mispronouncing each other’s names. dragging their feet, busy creating enmity between their clients and the dirt-bags on the other side, making assessments as to how much lawfare can be waged before the money runs out. Does any of this sound familiar?
I say this because Trump is an expert at using lawyers to obtain his objectives. Trump, like many billionaire-élite wants to be a ‘boy scout’. the perfectly clean young man who always saves the day without breaking a sweat. He wants to be loved by all.
Unfortunately, since the 1880s in NYC when the ‘Upper Class’ realized they could litigate their social ‘concerns’, ordinary Americans have been conditioned to look toward lawyers and courts for permission to move forward. We are like the young elephants tethered to the ground until they accept total captivity. We are tethered by an expectation that an expert will tell us what to do next.
We gave Trump unlimited power, access, and citizen support to correct our corrupt government. He didn’t. He didn’t because he did not want to appear to be uncouth like LBJ, or a dictator like Cuomo, or an ass like Newsome. Trump wanted to be a winner in a political contest which called for the humility of a pound dog.
We are left in one hell of a predicament. I’m not a lawyer, nor am I rich, but if I were I create a class action suit against the individual politicians and elite for: 1.) denying open and hospitable access for the ‘people’ to the peoples’ house on January 6th; and 2.) a class action law suit against every individual politician, media person, military, bureaucratic agent or person of influence for defaming the group or individuals now defined as “Americans, Christians, Trump supporters, and gun owners” who are now by definition, “terrorists” which has resulted in diminishing our freedom of speech, religious practice, right to assemble, right to own guns without encumbrances by the government, AND their direct and specific actions have deliberately placed us in harm’s way. Does anyone else see this as viable?
Law in the American West was once simple and we need to prepare ourselves to return to it even as we engage these horse thieves and liars in alternative arenas.
Trump will do what Trump will do but it is stretch to think he rides a white hose or that he can fool all of us a second time.

1 month ago
Reply to  gail jansen