The following information on Obamacare is from the past 24 hours. The point is simple: as the Affordable Care Act implodes, our Congressional leaders are using it for political motives. We understand that this will be the main issue for the 2014 election cycle and it will devastate the Democrat party in Congress if this course is unchanged. And then what?

We need leaders who will stand up for the people and the Constitution, not political parties. It is quickly becoming apparent that Obamacare was designed to fail. As more money is poured into this black hole, we have to ask what is the real end game? Whether it is a stealth tax, wealth redistribution scheme or a Cloward-Piven strategy to bring down our government, the bottom line is that the people will lose. If our leaders know this (and I believe that they do), then their end game can only be personal wealth and power at the expense of the country. And our Liberty.

So we play a waiting game. Waiting to see what the “creature” will do to its creator:

In the first formation of a government the society may multiply its precautions as much, and annex as many conditions to the enjoyment of its rights, as it shall judge expedient; but when it has once adopted a constitution, that constitution must be the measure of its discretion, in providing for its own safety, and in prescribing the conditions upon which its privileges are to be enjoyed. If the constitution declares that persons possessing certain qualifications shall be entitled to certain rights, while that constitution remains in force, the government which is the mere creature of the constitution, can divest no citizen, who has the requisite qualifications, of his corresponding rights. It may indeed enact laws and annex to the breach of them the penalty of forfeiture; but before that penalty can operate, the existence of the fact, upon which it is to take place, must be ascertained in that mode which the constitution and the fundamental laws have provided.

Alexander Hamilton

When is the only question left to answer. Unless the creators reign in or destroy their own creature.

David DeGerolamo


From Healthcare.gov (Nov. 3, 2012):



The Health Insurance Marketplace online application isn’t available from approximately 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. EST daily
while we make improvements. Additional down times may be possible as we work to make things
better. The rest of the site and the Marketplace call center remain available during these hours.


Virginia Democrat Calls For Forcing Doctors To Accept Medicare And Medicaid Patients

Last night at the Great Falls Grange debate, Democrat delegate candidate Kathleen Murphy said that since many doctors are not accepting medicaid and medicare patients, she advocates making it a legal requirement for those people to be accepted.  
She did not recognize that the payments are inadequate to cover the doctors’ costs.  She also did not recognize there is a shortage of over 45,000 physicians now and that it is forecast to be 90,000 in a few years.  

The country’s uneven embrace of the Affordable Care Act raises the possibility that some people may migrate from states that have rejected the law to ones that are fully participating. The migrants could include not only the uninsured but health-care professionals in search of work. Experts say it is too early to predict how many people may move: Not only is the law new, but it has faced some serious technical difficulties. If the past is any indication, however, uninsured people living near the state line may indeed change ZIP codes —and state affiliations — if it will put health care within their reach. The numbers are likely to be modest, however.

Meanwhile, hospitals in nonparticipating states are expected to be hurt financially, while the health-care business in states that are taking part could boom. Many, including Republican governors and legislators in states that sidestepped the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, are watching the developments nervously. Virginia is eyeing Maryland. North Carolina is peering at Virginia. And the stakes are high.



ObamaCare Will Raise Average Premiums By 32% For Individual Coverage

In my search for the truth about how much ObamaCare will increase how many Americans’ health insurance premiums I came upon a frightening map of the United States that projected what the percentage hikes would be state by state for people with individual coverage. The projections, prepared by the Society of Actuaries in March, 2013 predicted some pretty outrageous premium increases for people with individual coverage in the likes of California, 62%, Alabama, 60%, Texas, 34% and Arizona 41%. Only  in  New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey  would the premiums decline slightly for people with individual coverage, a segment of the market that is expected to increase from 11.9 million people at present to 25.6 million as more Americans sign up for insurance coverage under ObamaCare.

Maybe the computer models used  by the Society of Actuaries are just plumb ridiculous and wrong. I printed out the actuarial study entitled ” Cost of the Future Newly Insured Under the Affordable Care Act(ACA)” and I  learned that the Actuaries predict ACA-driven changes in individual market composition of the individual health care market could drive up underlying claims costs by an average of 32% nationally by 2017.”  Moreover the projections showed double-digit increase in 42 of 50 states over the next 4 years.


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