Where Does Faith Come in Your Preparedness Plans?

Safety and preparedness groups have formed across the country to prepare for the coming economic collapse. Although the majority of people do not want to admit that our country is bankrupt ten fold over, this reality is now being reported in the media. Our government will not admit this since they are the people responsible for this fiscal mismanagement.

Beans, bullets and band-aids are a standard for preppers. Another is God, guns and gold. The following excerpt below addresses the addition of the Bible to the three B’s. If the goal of your group is to survive, then God is not critical to your plans: survival will always override morality. If your group wants to survive and rebuild a future for your children, God should be at the top of your list. Without faith, we lose our morality and virtue. Without morality and virtue, we lose our Republic. Let’s hope that this lesson will be remembered as we rebuild our nation under God.

David DeGerolamo

Beans, Bullets, Band-Aids and Bibles: Faith When the World Falls Apart

As preppers we have all heard of the Three B’s those would be beans, bullets and Band-Aids. An alliteration for food, protection/sufficiency and medical supplies. We should know their importance and for the most part practice it as part of our lifestyle. In our home we utilize a fourth B, the Bible. Let me explain why we feel the Bible is just that important.

I am a bi-vocational pastor serving in the Blue Ridge of the Appalachian Mountains. In case you don’t understand the meaning of bi-vocational I support my wife and I with a full time job while I pastor a full time church. Small rural churches utilize this type of pastorate very successfully. There is a stereo-type that is inappropriately applied to bi-vocational pastors, one that questions their qualifications. I have earned degrees in electrical/electronics technology and hold an earned Doctorate of Theology from an accredited seminary.

Why did I go through that seemingly self centered introduction? I feel it is important for you to know a little about me considering the subject I am writing about. “Faith when the world falls apart” you see it is easy for you and I to talk about our Christian beliefs when things are going well, but, when the world comes unraveled faster than a cheap sweater, our faith is subject to do the same. Just like you, I get up early, go to work every day, come home and take care of my homestead and family, plus I have the responsibility of pastor to a small group of Southern Baptists at a local church. In addition to this my wife and I are preppers.


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