Where Is the Truth?

Waco, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, 9/11, Colorado Movie Theater, Sikh Temple, Sandy Hook …

Notice a pattern? The pattern is in the contradictions; major contradictions. For too many years most of us have been focused on raising our families and earning a living. We have trusted the major institutions in our society and failed to see the cancer of corruption metastasizing around us.

Critical thinking, questioning everything, and then exercising discernment is the only path to truth. Relying on any one source for information leads only to mind-control. In the end, a man is the product of his study, or lack thereof. Attaining truth requires study, and a lot of it.

What follows is a necessarily lengthy discussion of the Christopher Dorner case. The pattern is true to form – major contradictions between the actual evidence that seeps out around the edges of the controlled media and what that controlled media dispenses.


Was Christopher Dorner a true Community Folk Hero of the downtrodden, a Rambo seeking Racial Justice, or was he actually the First American Kamikaze?

A detailed examination of all such claims made in the mass media about Chris Dorner and the actual evidence so far available (even though scant) shows major contradictions.

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