Where Should We Focus Our Attention?

The administration and media direct our attention (and efforts) to minimize our efforts to maintain Liberty and the rule of law. A good example is the IRS scandal which is diverting attention from Benghazi. Regardless of this misdirection, we should at least watch the situation unfolding in Japan. Their bond market is in shambles and their stock market is collapsing after an incredible run due to high inflation of the Yen. What happens to Japan if their economy collapses? The better question is what happens to all of the US Bonds that they are holding and may have to dump.

David DeGerolamo

Nikkei Futures Resume Plunge

Japanese stocks had another violent night with record trading volumes on the TOPIX. The early ‘buy the dip mentality’ rapidly escalated into sell-Mortimer-sell as the Nikkei 225 dropped another 1000 points after the lunch break. A late day recovery managed to close the index just in the green and all could relax that the world was once again a better place thanks to Abenomics. However, since Japan closed, Nikkei futures have been sold aggressively now testing back down towards overnight lows.


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9 years ago

“The Law of Unintended Consequences.”