“Where the state retreats, there is room to advance.”

From a from a like-minded source in the UK:

“Politicians can never admit that the system is irredeemably doomed. Their privileged positions, even their very lives, depend on convincing people that no matter how bad things seem now there is always a solution just around the corner. Politicians lean heavily on ideas like hope and change, precisely as a means to make people stop thinking about how awful everything is now and give democracy just one more chance to fix it. And like the girl with the deadbeat boyfriend, they keep going back to democracy and giving it one more chance, with the predictable and distressing result.”

Perspective.  Read the whole essay at The Iron Legion.

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6 years ago

Thanks for the link, brother. I had to change the URL of the article. It can now be found here: http://www.thisblogisdangerous.com/the-retreat-of-the-state/

Thank you and God speed to you all in the US.

6 years ago

link problem