Where’s your family from?

Organizing for Action

Friend —

I was brought to this country from Mexico when I was 2 years old.

I am an undocumented immigrant — and I am living proof that our immigration system is broken.

For the first 17 years of my life, I slept on a couch. My mom worked three jobs to support our family.

I worked hard, too. I did my homework, participated in class, and earned the opportunity go to college. But after I enrolled, state law changed and many undocumented immigrants were forced to drop out. Suddenly they could no longer afford the education they were eager to work for.

We started organizing. We’d go up to people on campus, and ask them if they’d heard about the DREAM Act, which would allow hard-working immigrants who grew up in the U.S. to earn a path to citizenship. For those who opposed it, we’d tell them what happened to us.

It was amazing: Just telling our stories would change people’s minds.

This is exactly how we’re going to persuade people across the country to get behind President Obama’s plan for comprehensive immigration reform.

Everyone has a story — I’m sure you do, too. As the President said last week, “Unless you’re one of the first Americans, a Native American, you came from someplace else. Somebody brought you.”

At this critical moment, will you share your immigration story? Organizing for Action will use these stories to move the conversation forward.

Now, almost six years later, I’ve completed law school and was fortunate to receive deferred action. I consider myself an American, and I want to play by the same rules as everyone else. But, as it stands, I can never become a citizen. I can’t adjust my status. For most of my life, I could have been arrested, detained, and deported.

I’m not alone. Millions of undocumented immigrants like me live in fear of being deported permanently to a country we may have never even visited. Our entire lives could be erased.

You might not live under the same shadow. But the best thing about this country is that we are more alike than we are different. We all have a story of a mother, or grandfather, or great-great grandparent who came here to find opportunity or safety.

Through this grassroots movement, we can raise our voices, tell our stories, and make sure Congress and all Americans better understand the ties that bind us. Our stories can drive our organizing. Share your own story today, and help Organizing for Action get the word out on why this matters:


The majority of Americans agree we need to fix our badly broken system, and we saw major progress last week. But it’s on us to keep up the momentum and make sure it gets done.

Thanks for speaking up.


Jose Magana


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8 years ago

Go home, José.

8 years ago

I’m an American by birth. My grandfather came from Italy through Ellis Island. He came in the front door to America. The went through the proper channels and procedures. He became a legal citizen the legal way.
If you came into this country in an illegal manner then you are an illegal. You have not come through the “front door”. You didn’t go through the process that has been established by law as a legal way to become a citizen. If you in fact are a lawyer then you should understand that the law is the law and that is what you live by and took in school. Why should we/I support you and those like you that sneak around the country? you need to go back to your country and come in the USA according to the law of the land.
There are many people killed by illegal immigrants and they have no recourse for justice and no way to track the illegals. Illegal immigrants cost US citizens billions every year in medical costs, social services and taxes paid out in various ways. I am tired of illegals getting special treatment in the social service depts. not paying taxes, dealing drugs, attempting to destroy the country, neighborhoods and in any other way. When an “undocumented Illegal” gets caught doing something illegal they lie about their name. The police have no way of identifying them. They just “change their name” and go on their merry way. How convient and wonderful. We legals have to account for our actions by showing Social Security numbers, Birth Certificate, driver licence, valid address, insurance forms, registration for vehicle, and what ever some agency asks for. Illegals…….RUN, change their name and live on. Life in the USA is good isn’t it.
Don’t give me this I’m a lawyer now so help me get more into the country. Screw that. Go back to your country and improve it. GO HOME to your country. The American Indians got screwed here and are still getting screwed and you want something and call it justice? You deserve nothing. Deserve, fair, and those other words you use are lies. How about justice? If you are described as an “ILLEGAL” then you are breaking the law being here, didn’t that come up at some time in law school? No more hand outs, go to your country of origin, improve it, then come in legally.

8 years ago

One last comment. That flag symbol you have at the top of the page is “O” for o’bama. If your so damn interested in becomming part in the United States then I strongly suggest you learn that the flag of the United States looks totaly different. The flag of the United States has 50 stars in a blue background in the upper left corner. There are 13 stripes total on it which are a combination of red and white. I’m sure you’ve seen it when you came accross the border to the United States side. When you go through citizen classes you’ll learn about it.
“We the People” of the United States do not recognize that ignorant traitorist terrorist symbol. Smarten up.

8 years ago

Fedup is Spot On! My Mother came to this country from Denmark back in the 50’s and became a US citizen the legal way as well, and one requirement was learning the language and Pledging Allegiance To the United States of America not the United States of Obama, How’s about posting your Obama Coolaid where someone gives a CRAP 😉

8 years ago

David, We are only blind sided by our politicians that lie to get voted in, pass laws that they say they wouldn’t, take money from places they didn’t disclose, betray their constituants and get rich from being in office. On second thought we’re not blind sided we knew they would do that and more. I quess the real blind siding is that we can’t believe some people are as stupid as they are and still are able to breath and function.

8 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

Amen, someday they will be the zombies looking for food. It’s just so hard to believe that so many are soooo stupid.
Thanks for the article and the ones you have and will continue to write. I enjoy your perspective.