Who Do We Blame?

Look at the facts in the case in Orlando, and you see that when the police arrived on the scene, with overwhelming force, knowing for a fact that there was an active shooter inside, they held cover in the street for more than three hours, while victims inside died from loss of blood. This will not be widely reported, because if you know this you can start to come to terms with the facts that must be dealt with.

You and you only must be willing to be able to come to terms with the fact that your personal safety is no one’s responsibility but your own.  Period, end of story.

Now comes a little more uncomfortable fact, in Arizona, and with the consent of the governed, we are (necessarily THEY SAY) disarmed in a place that serves alcohol if the sign on the door says so, concealed weapons permit or not.   So the politicos that we elect, because we have decided to be emasculated by the state, have decided that places like the one in Orlando,( which has the same law as Arizona),are free fire zones.

I call them killing fields for the criminal type’s intent on doing the most damage possible with the least possible chance of resistance.


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