Who Is Organizing the Occupiers?

Follow the money to see who is organizing the bottom up attack on the country. Glenn Beck announced that George Soros is providing the financing for their newspaper. Stephen Lerner outlined this plan to topple the financial system (and the country) through labor unions. Our politicians in Washington believe the occupiers to be freedom fighters representing 99% of the voting population. Money is being funnelled in from the Middle East to feed them on Wall Street. Unknown sources are paying people to attend the protests around the country. The article below believes the Communist Party is responsible for the event in Los Angeles.

The media should have followed and outlined the money trail already. How hard is it to find out who is paying $16/lb for smoked salmon? History shows us the truth: multiple groups are manipulated to overthrow governments with false promises. After the “revolution” is won, these groups are discarded or killed. So who is the master manipulator? When the people turn to the government to provide security in exchange for freedom, the answer will be clear.

David DeGerolamo

Communists Lead  “Occupy Los Angeles” Movement  – Nationwide Takeover Planned

Two prominent members of the Communist Party USA are leading the growing “Occupy Los Angeles” movement.

Further, the Communist Party is deliberately infiltrating the “Occupy” movement in other parts of the country, to ensure that revolutionary forces gain as much control as possible.

The two Southern California communists at the heart of Occupy Los Angeles movement are veteran party leader Arturo Cambron and his comrade, Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council member Mario Brito.

Arturo Cambron is a long time Party member and is the husband of Rossana Cambron, the Party’s Southern California coordinator. He is the president of the Party run Los Angeles Workers’ Center, situated in South Saint Andrews Place, which essentially serves as the Communist Party HQ for the area.

Cambron is active in the Occupy Los Angeles protests and has acted as a moderator for the organization’s nightly core group meetings.

Mario Brito is Labor Relations Rep. and Community Outreach organizer for the Laborers Union and a long time Communist Party supporter. In January 2003, Brito attended a meeting of the National Board of the Communist Party USA in South Chicago. He has also been a supporter of the Party front Latinos for Peace and active in the immigrant “rights” movement.

Mario Brito, is Occupy Los Angeles city liaison, tasked with dealing with the police and City officials. In a city lead by long time Communist Party affiliate, mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, this is probably not too difficult a job. Brito has also moderated at least one Occupy Los Angeles core croup meeting.

Earlier in October, Mario Brito summed up the occupation cause’s raison d’etre as “economic justice,” and told fellow Communist Party supporter Ed Rampell of Back Page Magazine: “This is an international movement – it’s not only happening in Wall Street, it’s happening in 170 cities in the U.S., and cities in Europe and Latin America.” Brito asserted: “The vast majority of Americans actually believe income inequality is a major problem. They only reason they haven’t acted upon it is because there hasn’t been a mass movement.”



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