Why Illegal Aliens are Opposed to House Bill 786! This is another Outrage

1. They plan to use these license-permits for civic and commerce interaction.

2. Note the incarceration – They want legal law abiding citizens to pay for THEIR incarceration!

Maureen W

Points from the Progressive Pulse:

  • We need driver’s licenses, but we oppose HB 786 because of the Arizona-style measures.
  • We are concerned that having a document showing our immigration status will subject us to discrimination:
    • There is no way to enforce the “show me your papers” provisions of the bill without racially profiling.  Although many or most police officers will do their job in a responsible way, some will use the bill as an excuse to discriminate and racially profile.  This will happen to citizens and immigrants alike.
    • We have concerns that we may be discriminated against in other ways as well.  For example, we may be discriminated against when showing this permit at the store or the bank, or at our own place of employment.
  • The driving permit feels like a trap to us:  If we apply for the permit, the DMV will have our sensitive immigration information and we have concerns about ICE and federal authorities being able to look through the DMV records.  If we don’t apply for the permit, the police can confiscate our car for driving without a license and detain us under the Arizona provision of the law.
  • This bill does not provide protections for anyone driving through the state on the way from one state to another.  Citizens and immigrants visiting our state will be subject to the “Arizona” section of the law.
  • Asking people to pay for a year of car insurance in advance will pose a financial burden for working immigrant families, and will prevent many from obtaining the driver’s permit.
  • We oppose any measure that requires that people pay for their own incarceration.  We are taxpayers too, and should not have to pay taxes to support prisons and pay for our own incarceration if arrested.
  • The bill is unfair for people who get to North Carolina after April 1st and will not qualify for a driver’s permit.  They should not be treated like criminals just because of when they arrived here.
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9 years ago

Progressive pulse doesn’t moderate comments, just sayin’.

9 years ago

THEY are outraged? Hell, I’m outraged they’re even here. They should go the fuck home wherever they belong.

LT Prepper
9 years ago

In the history of man, immigration (lawful or otherwise) has destroyed more civilizations than war has. Why do you think the progressives want ‘amnesty’ here? They want to destroy our civic and cultural identity, and to pollute our electorate with those whose interests run against Rightful Liberty, so as to foment a ‘cultural revolution’. They are very near to achieving their goal…

Ray Williams
9 years ago

Since when do ILLEGALS have rights in this country?