Russian MP Accuses U.S. Of Fabricating Syrian Chemical Weapons Report

Following yesterday’s “news” that the US is rerunning the Iraq invasion script has been busy collecting made up solid evidence proving the Syrian government has used chemical weapons, which it would use as a basis for yet another foreign intervention including a no-fly zone and arming the Syrian rebels (just to accelerate the passage of a Qatari natgas pipeline into Europe, bypassing Gazprom, and installing another puppet Muslim Brotherhood government in the Mid-East), the entire world waited with bated breath to learn what Russia’s response, and remember to Russia Syria is a key geopolitical outpost and critical national interest, to US allegations would be.

The wait was short-lived. As Novosti reports at least someone, somewhere has had the guts to call out this farce of an intervention from an official standpoint:  “A US government report concluding Syria has used chemical weapons against rebels, crossing what US President Barack Obama has previously described as a “red line,” is a fabrication, a senior Russian lawmaker said Friday. Information about the usage of chemical weapons by Assad is fabricated in the same way as the lie about Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.” Alexei Pushkov, head of the Russian lower house of parliament’s international affairs committee, said on Twitter.

The truth-telling continues:

President Obama “is going the same way” as former President George W. Bush did then, Pushkov said.

Pushkov is known for also being quite a truth-teller in the past. From June of 2012:


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