Why Is This Being Reposted?

UPDATE: YouTube took down the Shadowgate video.


The above link goes to the Shadowgate video on bitchute. This video on YouTube was posted earlier but I do not foresee it being available in the near future. Is it important to watch this? If it was not important, Millennial Millie would not have been arrested and her computers seized.

Police officers apparently from a local SWAT team took Weaver to the Portage County Jail in Ravenna, Ohio where she is being held without bail until at least Monday for a “tentative status hearing.


What to watch for: If President Trump pardons Edward Snowden, the media will have no choice to report this abuse of power. The clock is ticking.

David DeGerolamo

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8 months ago

Yep… it’s gone. Had almost a million and a half views on ewetube before they took it down.

8 months ago

Just when you thought the bottom of the pit was coming into sight, Shadowgate The Movie reveals there is no bottom. Our Congress and Senate are a complete sham. When courageous whistleblowers step forward our lawmakers make the revealed illegality…LEGAL! Now that’s real oversight in action. Make Ready.

8 months ago

So, the main whistleblower in the documentary, who goes by Tore Says, for some reason her website is no longer accessible… toresays.com