Why Is This Not Classified as an Insurrection?

There is no question that the country has a two-tiered justice system. Our side has no legal rights: once someone is deemed to be an enemy of the state, they become a political prisoner. While a few “legislators” in Washington, D.C. make a show concerning the January 6th prisoners of war, at the end of each day, nothing is changed.

Merrick Garland has become a symbolic attorney general: a national disgrace representing a socialist regime.

From the Blaze concerning the October 14 Insurrection:

Each day, the protests have different climate change-related themes:

  • Monday, October 11: Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  • Tuesday, October 12: Fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis
  • Wednesday, October 13: Climate chaos is happening now
  • Thursday, October 14: We need real solutions, not false promises
  • Friday, October 15: We did not vote for fossil fuels (youth-led action)

In the first three days of protests, nearly 300 climate change activists were arrested, according to organizers of the People Vs. Fossil Fuels demonstrations.

The January 6th protest should be celebrated as the people came to Congress to postpone the fraudulent elections. Jefferson was correct:

Thomas Jefferson quote: What country before ever existed a ...

And the traitors who stole our Republic in a coup understand why it is important to crush any dissent, silence our voices, cancel our culture, marginalize the Christian religion and indoctrinate our children. What have you done today to speak up?

Silence in the face of evil | Sara Krengel | The Blogs ...

The protest on January 6th was no more an insurrection than the father who wanted justice for his daughter at the school board meeting was a domestic terrorist. As we quickly descend into a Socialist sh_thole country, ask yourself what you did today to restore freedom for your children.

I invite opposing viewpoints concerning our descent into Venezuela by fraudulent elections which are accepted by our “leaders”, media, military, law enforcement and churches. Please provide documentation concerning why high energy prices, food shortages and hyperinflation coupled with medical tyranny are acceptable to Liberty.

David DeGerolamo

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tom finley
tom finley
1 month ago

Garland is a lying POS RAT.

1 month ago

There is No Reason for the Turmoil unleashed by the Deep State upon this country. None except Evil and Lust for Tyrannical Subjugation
The NWO Political Elitists of Both Pol Parties are Traitors to Our Constitution. democRats are plainly the Bolshevik initiators, with rino compliance and whining appeasement.
.“Si vis pacem para bellum”

strider 777
strider 777
1 month ago

At this point; the globalist, tyrannical and psychopathic bastards that rule us will not back down. However, those who love freedom and liberty have had enough, and they are not going to back down either. The pressure is building like a super volcano that is about to blow itself apart. And when she finally lets go, the enormous sound and release of energy from that resulting explosion will be heard and felt around the entire world. I say, let it rip.