Why isn’t former astronaut Mark Kelly in jail for gun crimes?

Why isn’t former astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, facing criminal charges for gun crimes?

In March, he attempted to purchase a firearm in Arizona with a Texas-issued ID. He was denied. Thirteen days later he came back into the same Tucson, Arizona store with an Arizona ID to purchase a pair of weapons.

Interesting. There are two things going on here that I’d like to understand.

According to the ATF Form 4473, you can buy a gun in one state while having a primary residence in another state, as long as you do have a valid second residence. For example, if you have homes in Texas and Arizona, you can buy guns in either state, as long as you use the Texas address to buy guns in Texas, and the Arizona address for the guns you purchase in Arizona. That I get.

But we’re not talking about which residence, we’re talking about which ID.


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