Why Isn’t Jon Corzine in Custody? Because the Rule of Law Is No Longer in Effect

Jon Corzine has “lost” $1.2 billion in the collapse of MF Global. Although the theories concerning this loss are plentiful, the consequences of hypothecation and rehypothecation are now just starting to be seen and felt. The following testimony in Congress along with the scale of the “theft” is more than enough to arrest the Honorable Jon Corzine (as his title was shown during his Congressional testimony).

The rule of law in no longer in effect in the United States. If the government is not following the law, are the people required to follow the government? When people realize the truth concerning the collapse of our financial system and the corruption of our government, what will be the consequences? The government is calling this type of questioning sedition. Our forefathers called it our duty.

David DeGerolamo

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jan r, soriano,m.d.[retired]
jan r, soriano,m.d.[retired]
10 years ago

why is jon corzine above the law?